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Waiting goddess

I like insects.

Especially, mantids

Praying mantis

Mantodea is from the latin words manto (waiting) and dea (goddess) …

This I feel in my bones

In my skin

Exoskeleton hardness

Threatening to crack open

Showing what is underneath

Showing that which is inside

“waiting goddess” has such sinister and beautiful ring to it

Holy deity

Mother of things

Ruler, protector, creator

You are patient

You are patience

And, what are you waiting for, Amberley?

Or are you just waiting…

Am I just waiting

Waiting for words

Waiting for poetry

Waiting for coffee

And time

And rain

And skin

And hate

And love

And forgetting

And knowledge

And wanting

And everythings…

I wait.

I have waited forever anyway

What’s another forever to wait?

Sit still

Exoskeleton fragilty

Under boots of the careless

Continue to wait

Or get crushed trying


I wrote this a while ago but I didn’t feel like writing anything… so here’s an old one from my brokener days


24 thoughts on “Waiting goddess”

  1. Melacholy but so beautiful, Lemons…
    Here’s a true sentence that’s never been spoken before, but this reminded me of it.
    I nearly took a picture of a dragonfly yestereve, but when the electrician walked up it flew away over the chimney.

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