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my robot boy

A box of spare parts

Said no assembly required

Slightly damaged, but not not rebuildable

second hand, single owner

My robot boy

Built ready to go

Dings and scratches

Darker in patches

Doesn’t take much to turn him on

Voice recognition activation

Coming to life

“What do you want?” I ask.

“He wants sex,” he says.

Honesty is sexy

He looks just like a real boy

Turning my head to the side

Devouring his body with my eyes

“Do you want to get down?” he asks.

Not steam-powered, but electric

My robot boy can go all night



Almost immediate adoration

“He’s made of sex,” he says.

Scared of Annihilation



Then he dances for me

“Fuck it…”

Ruined me for all others

This was a request or prompt from the beautifully magical Lady J. I couldn’t make it all humourous, I had to put a Lemony spin on it.

Plus… There is this…



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