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books are slutty

You’d think that a bookshelf would be were a book belongs
but that’s not true
Books belong where they can be read easily
Where a passing breeze can flutter their pages
They belong by the bed and in the folds of the covers where it is warm
They want to be the last thing you thought of before sleep
And the first thing you touch your sleepy fingers to in the morning
Books want to be in your bag
Ready for the train ride or that long check out line
They want to go on adventures with you
Books want you to love them
Books are slutty
They want you to spread them open
To finger their pages
To sniff them
To use them up and pass them around
They want to be read
And loved
And touched
Books are a lover
All they want is to be by your side


57 thoughts on “books are slutty”

      1. You’re welcome. And the next time someone insults me I will confidently think to myself “Fuck you, you don’t know what you’re talking about because apparently I am a hunny bunny. That lemonade person on the interwebs said so and she knows what she’s talking about.”

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  1. Great write. Yes, books want you. They love your eyes on them, your fingers on them, and your bookmark in between their pages. In bed, or in public, they want you anywhere.

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    1. Yes, they do… they love it when you look down at them lovingly, wanting more of them. And you just keep going back for more. Opening them up, being inside them. They want you to take them everywhere and they want you just the way you are.

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      1. They take you when you want them, and they wait for your return. They’re always ready and easily opened, holding your attention and fulfilling your fantasies.

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      2. It is always satisfying to go inside them… and stay in them for as long as you want. Be in any position when you have them. Any room. Right on the kitchen bench if you want… staying up all night… sometimes when I am up late at night with a book in bed I accidentally let it go on my face…

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      3. Sometimes I like reading one all night long, until the climax. I’ve been known to have one in public, in full view of everyone. I love sometimes tearing the jacket and bringing one back late, because I’m spending all night inside it

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      4. I like reading anthologies too so you get multiple climaxes in one night. Reading in public is good but I do prefer at home when no one else is there… I’m a noisy reader. I giggle and gasp and make all sorts of sounds…

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      5. Each new chapter brings new sensations. I like reading the book below me, and above me. I love the excitement and sensation of a really good paragraph, and I like a lot of foreword.

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