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“Man up.” (middle finger emoji)

I have been on a button poetry kick today. So, I wanted to share one. I watched so many. But I ended up landing on this one. I have two boys, so this is close to my heart. I have men in my life who are very important to me, so, another reason why this is close to my heart.

People can be so fucking heartless. Just because someone has a dick doesn’t mean they do not feel, or can’t get hurt or should have to hide their emotions. This whole “Man up” thing pisses me the fuck off.

Telling men to man up. Telling boys to stop acting like girls. Boys don’t cry. Boys can’t like pink. Men can’t like this or that or the other… I know that there are a lot of problems with the treatment of all genders. I am not limiting my rant, I am just spotlighting. The treatment of humans in general needs major improvement.

ANYWAY! Have some spoken word, slam poetry… Get it into your ears!


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