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Quiet down there

Cool wet carressing skin

Keep moving forward

Eating the flesh of others

Blood and bone

Frenzied feeding

I jump out to kill

But I want to fly

Air on my skin, soft

I have no arms so I can’t cuddle

Teeth too sharp to kiss

I’d just eat you anyway


Bahahahahaha I’m silly… I was going to write something serious… but then I couldn’t help it. I serioused enough yesterday.


18 thoughts on “Sharky”

  1. Wtf? I posted a comment.

    Anywho… YAASSSSS! Sharks 4 lyfe! Well done, princess hammerhead.

    💜 Princess Tiger Shark

    Ps- lets start a band called Sharky and the Remoras

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    1. Yes… and I replied but… it is not here. Hmmm…

      Princess Tiger Shark, I like this band idea. As long as we can play instruments from our memories, using unlearned riffs and chords long forgotten… I need to start playing something again. 😭


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