Not a motherfucking haiku

Loves the taste of honey

Even though allergic to bees

Asphyxia drowning

Technically… it’s not a haiku… lol

I had one half of the poeminess (the nice half) represented in song form now there’s a not-haiku representing the part that a lot of us seem to get stuck in.

We get caught up with bad people, people who are not good for us, people who do not treat us right… or, more correctly, they treat us the way we allow them to treat us, the way we think we deserve to be treated.

It is a hard cycle to break. And sometimes we don’t know we are in the cycle again until it is too late.

But… really… it’s never to late. It is always difficult though.


33 thoughts on “Not a motherfucking haiku”

      1. Lmfao.

        I love honey. When I lived in seattle I had a honey man in pike place. He had this organic, home made white velvet honey. I can still taste it. I would put it in my tea

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      2. Agreed. I feel such a big connection to the 90s. Always have. Remind me! I still have to add nine inch nails, old school Manson, and oasis to my mix…

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    1. Err… trying to fit a comment into a rhyme…
      Is taking to much time.
      I am just fine… oh man lol

      Yeah, I’m good, Muffins. This was more aimed at the “if peeps stay chasing the mirrors” from the first poem.
      The song was for if people choose the broken pieces fitting people.
      I was trying to cover all the bases.
      This blogosphere is filled with broken people. Some hold mirrors. Some hold their pieces.
      Thank you for your concern, Mr Muffins. I’m not drowning. 💜

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      1. Some people’s mirrors are the broken pieces, reflecting kaleidoscopes of themselves.
        I’m glad you’re not drowning. ❤

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