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Life happens
Barely managing

People waft
In and out
Like autumn leaves
Or tides
Or clouds

Leaving marks
On your body
On your skin

Heart their play thing
A chew toy for the careless
Un careful
Care fully
Who fully cares?

Once whole

Torn and tattered

We pick up our pieces
Cradling them in our bloody hands

Who will love a broken toy
Who has glue strong enough

Like pretty birds
Wanting mirrors
We surround ourselves
With those who reflect our broken parts

Not accepting
Not holding
But taking that which we expect to have to give

Self worth
Worth nothing
Self love
Loving selfishly

Turn away

Blood and pieces
Broken and jagged

Let ourselves be found
Love ourselves enough

Finding a passing leaf
Red and dying like the pieces in your palms

Show them the cracks
Show them the holes
Show them the all your broken pieces
Hold them up for them to see

Don’t be ashamed
They are still you
They are still beautiful

Sometimes damage makes a thing more beautiful

The passerby
may not turn away
May not take
May not care less
May be careful
May have glue
Or gold

They may hold up their broken pieces
Fit together with your own
Edges matching
Building new
From what had once been torn down

From broken to whole

From past to now

I have posted a song for the good side of this poeminess and a not-haiku for the bad side… please check them both out…

love, Lemons


22 thoughts on “Kintsukuroi”

  1. This is so raw and open. I love the lemon slices, my Empress. Hugs for you.
    *insert hug emoji*

    P. ‘S. I love when you poetry. You’re good at it.

    Liked by 1 person

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