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All poemed out and no where to be

I don’t feel poemy

Poemy is not a word, dude

Fuck, but are you sure?

Nope, not sure, Lemons

like a second hand hoodie

Feeling lost and found

Scrapping the barrel


A good way to bleed


A good way to feel like you’re



25 thoughts on “All poemed out and no where to be”

      1. I wouldn’t know I’m only at level 2 which just about covers dirty limericks and the occasional haiku. I’m sure you’ll find out in some sort of ceremony at some point which will involve a goat the pentagram I’m playing of old Beatles albums backwards whilst an elderly gentleman in a top hat allows a pig to suckle on him

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      2. Bahahahahahahahaha I can’t wait for this ceremony! Sounds like my bday last year… will there be pizza?
        I think you need to give yourself more credit. Your limericks are funny.


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