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Tooth fairy update – the happily ever after

I just had to share this… If you didn’t read the first post here it is.

Some of us have shit parent/s. Goodness knows, I know this… my poor boys are cursed with a jerk for a sperm donor. But I have been blessed with two pretty awesome folks.

So, in the aftermath of the tooth fairy’s demise, the Griffin house was a somber one. I told my mother about it all and she was very upset that I had upset her grandson lol

Anyway, Monday nights are my night to have a glass of wine with my mum but because of her husband, it hasn’t been happening. But she came over last night…

And… oh my goodness…

She gets out of the car… she is dressed as a fairy. Wings. Wig. Wand. Sparklers. Fairy dust. She comes down the drive way and bursts into the house, declaring that she is the Nanny fairy and she is not going anywhere. She hands the kids $5 each and flutters around them. She lights the sparklers and gives them to the boys, taking them out into the night to dance with them under the moon.

Sometimes we make our own fairytales, I guess…


25 thoughts on “Tooth fairy update – the happily ever after”

  1. Omg I love this!!!

    Ps- I showered to an 88 song Disney mix I made. On shuffle. Singing at the top of my lungs. Let me just tell you, that is LIVING

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