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pretty little horrors

I want you to know something.
I need you to know something…
My feelings towards you are so strong.

I want you to know that I think about you… I think about doing things to you… to your body…

Bad things…

Naughty things…

I think about killing you… murdering you… taking the life from your body… releasing your soul. Releasing your lies. Removing your eyes.

I think about peeling off your skin. Flaying you, filleting you like a cut of meat. Butcher. Cleaver. Razor.
I think about tearing off your face. Slicing off your smug grin. Ripping flesh from bone.

I think about sinking blades into your belly. Slowly at first. I’d want to savour the moment. But then… my passion, my blood lust will build. Faster. Harder. Relentless.
I’d gag you but I’d love to hear you scream… scream my name… begging me to stop… no means yes. Safe word invalid.

I think about slicing your throat… your hot blood spraying on my face… watching the life drain from your already dead eyes. That’s when I would take them. Your eyes. They are so pretty. They would be prettier in a jar, on my shelf, with the others. In between the hearts and the Nightshade.

Don’t take this the wrong way, I just want to watch you die.

I haven’t written any horror in a while. Can’t write lovey, fucky, coffee stuff all the time…


24 thoughts on “pretty little horrors”

      1. Wow! You should listen to a concept album once, to get the full effect. Like Dark Side of the Moon, or Days of the New’s Green Album.

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