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will always burn

Some flames
Burn bright, out of control
Smouldering heat
Cooling down
I am not a flame

Some passions
Fading like smoke, suffocating
All in the beginning
Too much too fast
I am not smoke

Some thirsts
Can be quenched
Water soothing
Greedily taking, taking too much and then leaving
I am not water

Some bodies
Are like snowfall, frozen hearts
Cold shoulders
Icy stares
I am not just somebody

Future lover,
Bodies are born hot
My fire does not simply go out
My passion does not diminish
My thirst will not be quenched
My body will always burn for you
My lust is all yours

If you want it…


22 thoughts on “will always burn”

      1. Not with cake, though! Because once, someone left the cake out in the rain. 😦
        So the cake is under an umbrella, or in the kitchen, where it is decidedly not raining.
        And yes, it’s for you.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Bahahahahahahahahahahaha I had to compose myself to reply. You’re funny. Cake in the kitchen. Dancing in the rain and in the kitchen. Eating the cake under an umbrella. But the umbrella is only for outside. Got it.
        *offers Wardy Muffins a slice of cake*

        Liked by 1 person

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