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bonds positively charged

Feeling rain on my skin
As if for the first time
Droplets cool as snowflakes
Divine scents of earth and ozone and decay

The rain trickling down my windscreen no longer looks like tears
Water molecules cling to each other
Hydrogen bonds
Positively charged

Rivulets seem random
But there is always a reason
Always a destination
Puddling and forming
Strength to form new streams

Torrents and cascading
Washing over me
Ebb and flow
Waterfalls and oceans and storms and clouds and rain

Feeling rain on my skin
As if for the first time


Hey! This is my 200th post! whoop whoop!

Thank you all for your support. This blog has changed my life. Honestly. So, I appreciate you…


14 thoughts on “bonds positively charged”

      1. Oh good! If you ever need me to fuck someone up for ya I’m here… I’m sure you can stand up for yourself but sometimes it is nice to have people who have your back and who are there for you… okay…


      2. Lol no no, karma will win in the end.

        I just need to not talk to boys, or grown ass men, unless they’re either gay or not straight.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. All good! You are gorgeous. I feel protective of you. Emailed you back too… lol sorry it is long. Bahahahahahaha
        I’m about to go and unfollow someone… 🤫🤫🤫😒😡😡😡


      4. Emailed you back even longer! I obviously feel protective of you as well. That’s why we ninja bitches 4 lyfe.

        Oh geez. *patiently waits the revenge to follow*

        Liked by 1 person

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