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smile, fucker!

How do you honestly feel at the moment?

Now, smile. Right now. Go on, don’t be shy… Give your Lemons a big cheesy grin.

Now Laugh. Yes… Out loud. So everyone around you can hear. As if what you are reading right now is fucking hilarious because I am a comedic goddess.

Now… Let’s go back to the first question. Do you feel better now than you did before?

I am a big believer in the power an honest smile or a hearty laugh can have over us. When I feel myself being pulled into a spiral, into that dark place, I start to smile like an idiot. Yep…cause I am a fucking weirdo. Pretty soon, I actually start to feel better. The smile tells the spiral to go fuck itself. And if I can make myself laugh, even better.

Don’t have anything to smile about? Sure you do! You are reading this which means a few things… A. you are alive. 2) you are well off enough to be able to afford a device that can get on the internet, so you can also afford the internet and that shit is expensive! iii: You have eyeballs that work well enough to read this. That’s pretty special.

Still not feeling the smiles? Go outside or look out a window… Don’t have a window or an outside? Here you go…

Or you could try this… This is a neat little trick I do sometimes. Try to laugh, but don’t smile. And not an evil laugh. mimic your happy laugh but don’t fucking smile… you can’t do it, can you!?

Still feel shitty? Here… If you didn’t at least feel a tiny smile at that… then I don’t know if I can help you…

NO! I can. Music!

How you feeling? Good? Shit? Fucking Amazing? Alone on this big mud ball floating through space?

I got one more thing… Well two.


Still not feeling it. Let me know in the comments, cause sometimes we all need to talk to a friend…

Love, Lemons


11 thoughts on “smile, fucker!”

  1. Nice one, Lemons! I’m actually feeling fucking fantastic right now. I have a coffee face mask on from lush, so I just smell the amazing scent of coffee while taking a nice warm bath and reading. Saturdays are the life!

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    1. That sounds amazeballs! You are kicking life in the junk and taking names, Lady J… I thought it was a nice post… trying to make peeps smile. *Stares at Count* *Adjusts her glasses with her middle finger*


    1. If you go into something thinking it is going to work or if you go into something thinking it is going to be bullshit… either way, you will be right.
      Sometimes I really wonder about you, dude. You know this is meant to be a positive place. This was a positive post, trying to make people fucking smile. And you come on my fucking comments and be fucking negative. What the actual fuck is wrong with you? Did your mother never tell you if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all? I don’t mind if you want to come and hang out in MY blogosphere, but leave your fucking negativity at the door, especially if it is on a post that is meant to be uplifting.
      Everyone is entitled to their opinion, it doesn’t mean that everyone needs to fucking know it though.

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    2. Your bio states “he wields one of the nine rings which he cut from the hand of a Ringwraith.” If you wield one of those rings, you soon become enthralled to Sauron, rendering anything you say pointless or insane at best.

      Speaking of useless bullshit.

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