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Music Monday in Saturday

Ugh… I’m terrible at joining in with friends’ projects. But I guess, at least I am posting it… right?

So, on Weird Shit with Alex this week, he spoke about (and I am super paraphrasing here, go read it your damn self) music we wouldn’t normally like.

He posted a Backstreet Boys song and a Bruno Mars song. Both, songs I knew all the lyrics to.

The post resonated with me because, in the past, I have been so firmly set on one genre of music I have never allowed myself to just enjoy all the music.

If it is popular or not. Rock or pop or indie or electronic or whatever. Limiting your music tastes is like only letting yourself eat from only one restaurant for the rest of your life. Only going to one holiday destination for every fucking vacation. Only painting with one colour.

Fuck… that sounds exactly like my past life actually… (insert eye roll emoji here)(insert gun emoji here)(insert vomiting emoji here)

I have recently become even more adventurous with music and I try to make a point of listening to something completely new every day.

Luckily, one of my besties has pretty eclectic music tastes, so I do get some help there. They will probs be a little appalled by my shares here actually lol soz don’t judge me…

So, the first song has a disclaimer. I don’t jam out to N’sync in my free time. I don’t even have one of their songs on my spotify… but I can sing their albums cover to cover.

When I was my little gothy goth teenage self, my dad would take me to school. We would blast music in the car as loud as our ears could handle. The artists that rarely left the CD stacker were: NIN, Manson, N’sync and Kylie Minogue.

My father would always make sure NIN or Manson was what was blasting when we pulled up in front of the school. He was pretty cool like that. I had to retain my scary grrrl image. Fishnets, FMBs, dog collars, pentagrams and heavy eyeliner weren’t enough apparently… question mark (eye roll emoji)(devil fingers)

The N’sync was for once we were far enough away that I would feel comfortable singing along.

Anyway! Enough memory lane. Have some music. Listen. Don’t listen. I don’t mind. Just, stay curious.

Love, Lemons.

Oh, the second song is just one that makes me feel all warm and cozy and I like the lyrical video clip with the written words and stuff… it’s cute…


50 thoughts on “Music Monday in Saturday”

  1. We would have been besties in high school. I dressed exactly the same, only for me, in addition to Manson and NIN, I was big into the cure, bauhaus, depeche mode, malice mizer, the smiths, etc.

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      1. I would have loved it if my Dad liked them! I did see bruno mars with him a few months ago though. Beggars can’t be choosers

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      1. Right! I’ve seen NIN three times – once at Lollapalooza, once with Manson opening for them, and once where they opened for Bowie. That third one, though… wow…

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      2. LOL Yeah… I saw NIN open for Bowie. I haven’t been to a concert in a long long time. I think it was Curiosa. But I’m going to one in a couple of weeks – Spoon.

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      3. Omg that reminds me of a crazy story. Back in beauty school (yes, I do hair too), I had a corrective color on this lady Andrea Mulrain. I’ll never forget it. She told me while in the chair that she was trent Reznor’s college girlfriend, and all of this other stuff about how she went to see him with Bowie in Seattle, and he was on a massive amount of drugs at the time. Bowie was trying to save him, and apologized to her on his behalf for being a dick to her.

        She was also complaining about how he wrote the “becoming” and put the lyric “Annie hold on a little tighter” in there about her. When asked who Annie was, he outed her and gave the person interviewing her Andrea’s number.

        I thought she was full of shit, but then I googled her. Turns out, as long as she is actually Andrea Mulrain, she was telling the truth.

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      4. That’s an awesome story!
        All I have is the various ways I’ve randomly met people. Dokken for autographs, (shhh), B-52s (Kate Pierson signed my arm)… I saw Mike Ness behind a small concert venue, didn’t even know Social Distortion was playing that night. Served a ton of coffee to Rick Springfield and his posse in a Starbucks in Dayton OH, and in German Village in Columbus OH, for whatever reason and however it happened, Eric Clapton was dating a woman who lived in the apartments above our Starbucks and came in a lot.

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  2. I saw Niall on Ellen. There’s a five word sentence that reveals a lot about me.
    We all have our guilty pleasure music. I’ll be on my suit and tie, shit tie, shit tie…

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      1. At the end of April everyone on my feed started posting this thing: “April’s almost over. You know what that means:” followed by an image of an uncooked brick of ramen noodles. I didn’t get the joke but all my friends did and nobody would explain it so I kept getting pissed.

        Then I was finally filled in that the answer was, “It’s gonna be May.” because Timberlake sounded like he was saying “may” and his hair looked like ramen noodles in the video. That just pissed me off more.

        If a meme is based off pop culture, I’m unlikely to get it. :v

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