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Lying under the darkness

I long to have it fill me up

I wish to swallow it down

Take it all

It’s hot, sweet

Things seem hazy

If I want it I must journey

So, that the darkness will begin to lighten


34 thoughts on “#coffeeismymaster”

      1. Agreed. Though unless its pumpkin spice (I’m a white girl, I bleed pumpkin spice), I dont do sweetener. Black. Ice. Splash of almond milk!

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      2. Pumpkin spice is a thing I have never tried… I should put it on my “things to do in the states” list. Lol
        I’m simple. Lac free milk. Sweetener. In a past life, I had a problem with coffee and not eating actual food. I would drink macchiatos all day. Plus a liter of energy drink… and wine at night to even shit out…


      3. I don’t necessarily forget, but I don’t normally feel hungry enough to eat much before dinner. And If I do eat before dinner, it is often something random.
        Lol yesterday I sat up on my kitchen bench and ate crackers and pickles. Pickles make up way too much of my diet. Lol


      4. I actually went to get some iced coffee. The only place near me was this hipster place. They refused to put it on ice and called it cold brew. I’m insulted.

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  1. Sometimes it’s just something we need in the morning, to get us going. Two or three times, some days. And we would travel to get it. Or have it delivered. Sometimes, we just have to make it ourselves.
    And that applies to coffee, too.

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