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The Lemon Empire

If you have been hanging around my side of the blogosphere for a while, then you may be familiar with my Empress posts… if not go read this and this and this then come back.

Now, I would like to do a Lemon Empire week as a kind of prompt but I wanted to give my beautiful and loyal subjects and knights the opportunity to weigh in on things you may want me to expound/rant on.

I have a few ideas up my sleeves… but I love your opinion. Yes… you. Your opinion means a lot to me… so please comment below on things you may wish to know, or things and stuff and things… I dunno.

Please and thank you?


8 thoughts on “The Lemon Empire”

  1. As the Tinfoil Knight, do I sit or stand at attention? Or both?
    As Empress, whatever subject you choose to talk about is by definition awesome. So, expound on anything. I’ll like it!

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    1. As my Tinfoil Knight, you are required to do both… alternating continuously… adding a knee in there sporadically. Lol nah… just chill out… there are bean bags and lounge chairs in the corner… unless there is danger afoot, then I require you by my side, sword drawn, please and thank you, Sir Muffins. Do not fear though… I have my trusty battle axe at the ready to fight by your side.

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