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In a surprising turn of events…

So, a weird thing happened…

This afternoon I get a message from my mother saying “call your brother about a duck”

Err… okay!!

Naturally, I couldn’t call him quick enough because… what the actual fuck… bahahahahaha

So, my brother is… a strange person. Coming from me, that says something. I won’t get too much into it but he is… probably not the sort of person I would normally hang out with but he is my brother so… anyway. Ramble, ramble.

I call crazy brother and say, “you want to speak to me about a duck?” Fully expecting him to laugh at me and tell me it was a typo…

It wasn’t a typo.

He lives close to a duck farm. And this duck made its way to him. Now, this duck had to escape many fences and cages to make it as far as it did. Not just that, it had to not get captured by workers.

Apparently, the only time it would have been possible for the duck to make a break for it would be right before it got the chop.

This is no free range duck either… this poor thing had never seen outside until today.

So, true to my life, I have now adopted another pet. A strange pet. A mother fucking duck… Her name is Quackie Chan. And I am again saving dying things.


23 thoughts on “In a surprising turn of events…”

  1. Quackie Chan–what a perfect name for the little ninja duck.
    Well congrats on the new edition! And good for you for saving dying things 🙂
    I expect updates!!!

    P.S. I have a brother that sounds just like yours. Would never hangout with the dude, but he’s my brother. Lol 😛

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    1. Hi Mr Hush! How perfect is the name… I love it. I will mist definitely be posting updates. She needs antibiotics because of the bloody mess they made of her wings 😔

      Oh man… my brother… does yours have KKK tats too? Lol Gosh… can’t choose your family.
      Thank you so much for stopping by my side of the blogosphere!

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  2. Hi Quackie Chan, nice to meet you, here on the world of blog. I hope you’re enjoying quacking around your new home 🏡. You’re a lucky ducky to be rescued by the lovely Amberley, and I’m sure you two will get on just fine, she likes to ramble on a bit, but that’s ok, you’ll get used to her, just nod your little ducky head like you’re listening to her every word and Quackie chat away and Quackie smile at her and she’ll love you forever,. Yep Quackie Chan you’ve really landed on your Web feet😊😊💜💙

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  3. Awesome, Empress LemonSugar, Duck Savior!
    You’re so good to every living thing (except that one which is understandable). I admire you for your compassion!

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