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F****** mother f****** c*** balls mother f***** c**********

I love voice to text it always does weird crap and I decided that I will do a whole post doing voice to text because it is funny as f*** so yeah that’s another thing but I really like because my thing my voice to text does not like curse words like f*** s*** Koch haha lol it it says balls though f*** s*** c*** her laughing

Anyway I don’t actually have anything that I want to say I just wanted to make this weird thing I am currently sitting out the front of my mum’s house waiting for her to get home so I can do things with my car because I am an adult and I am that all done I think I am

You know what being an adult is eating pickles whole Pickles from the Jar with your fingers but dipping them into like that toum garlic dip first and just in the kitchen you don’t even leave the kitchen that’s you just eating pickles in the kitchen and that’s the only thing you eat all day. Because reason. That was a thing that I did that was me that’s being an adult that’s being a single adult ha ha ha ha ha ha

I always found that when I was er married to the devil hahaha my meals were always such a big production not the actual meals themselves although that was also a production because it was always like what time is it going to be ready even though I was ready the same f****** time every day it was always like why are you not eating with me or why are you eating that or why like it was always something that was always something wrong with the eating process and I don’t know it always annoyed me so the luxury of being able to just eat a meal whatever I want to eat in the kitchen without having to ask for someone’s permission is just one of the best things in the world ha ha ha ha ha

I would like to get something straight though when I say that why aren’t you eating with me I mean that he wouldn’t like to eat with us so I would make dinner and serve it at the dining table like regular human people and he would want to eat something different in his room and would get angry if I ate with the kids like out in the in the food place

what even why why why why

Well this week has definitely a lived up to it’s a promise which was rambling ramble ramble ramble ramble ramble ramble ramble ramble ramble tamble gamble sample Campbell Campbell Trimble Mambo Columbo lol

PS the artwork is by effin birds I will leave a proper link below typed probably like a normal human but everyone needs to go and follow them because they are the s*** they are the tits they it said tits whoop whoop


24 thoughts on “F****** mother f****** c*** balls mother f***** c**********”

  1. Haha, what are you doing up so late eating in the kitchen and rambling at the same time. 😊 I’ve read all of your f****** rambling shit and now I can’t sleep, I keep thinking about birds flying around with big fuckin balls shitting over my new fernery I’ve just built today, so I’ll have to go out in dark, in the nuddie, and fuckem off, 😲 fuck off birdies, there.. now I can get to fucking sleep.

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      1. Of course I am exaggerating 😆😆 l love birdies, except when they shit on something or something old or something cold, or something bold and they don’t like being told……. 😆

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