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What’s in a villain

This is going to be another ramble. I did say I would ramble this week… so, here it is. Sometimes, I think it is mainly to get my thoughts straight in my head. Especially, seeing as though my thoughts are a chaotic scribble most of the time.

Today, I want to ramble about villains. While sculpting my main antagonist, I think about this a lot. Because a villain can make or break a story. We have all read those bad bad guys. Cliche jerks just to be jerks. Jerks with power so they be jerks. Jerks who had bad shit happen to them, so they be jerks. Or some other interpretation. So, how the actual fuck do you make a unique or at least believable?

My villain is not special. He has no super powers. He doesn’t really hold a position of power. He is just a regular dude, but he happens to be the bad guy from my main character’s perspective. Okay, he is also a douche bag. But, in a way, so is my main character. So, is perspective enough to pull off a bad guy?

And the cliches… I have a thing with cliches… Cliches are normally cliche for a reason. I know they are annoying but, sometimes IRL jerks ARE just jerks to be jerks. And Jerks in power will be jerks. And sometimes, when people have bad shit happen to them it either fucks them up in the head so they be jerks or they feel that they deserve to be jerks because of the jerky shit that happened to them. These ARE things that happen… So, is it really so terrible to use these?

hmmm… My thoughts are still a scribble… ramble, ramble, ramble


10 thoughts on “What’s in a villain”

  1. I think villains should be as fully fleshed out as the protagonist, unless it’s a first person story. Especially if you’re gonna flip them or pull a plot twist later.

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