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ramble, ramble, ramble…

I have had an empty canvas sitting on my art table for weeks now. Two days ago, I picked out the paints. Yesterday, I put them in the right order.

Why is it that sometimes art pours out of us. Uncontrollable. Undiluted. Like blood from an artery. Like drunken vomit. Like me talking to a friend. A continuous flow until it is stopped by outside forces or until you are spent.

If you have to force it, is it still good? I know I have created some great things that took a long time to pull out and extract from my body. The effort it took to create the thing from nothing, sometimes making the thing all the more sweeter. Effort is sexy.

But effortless is so good too. How rare it is to have something that is not forced from your body.

Can you have both?

Can you effortlessly create something from almost nothing that does actually require effort but not the “pull your hair out” “going out of your mind” sort of effort? Effortless effort.

And now the word “effort” looks meaningless…

Does everything meaningful have to be simple or easy or effortful or trying or heartbreaking or … What was I talking about?

My words have been the same lately… I have written half a page of my novel in the past 7 days… given… the last 7 days, half of those were spent either in or approaching hell.

Am I being too hard on myself? Am I even still talking about art?

Amberley, dearest, you need to chill the fuck out.

It has been 10 months… 10 mother fucking months!!! And they have been the best 10 months of my life… the journey I am on… I love it.

I love road trips. The drive… making stops… taking videos and photos of the trip… the journey is the best part sometimes… I guess that is the same for creating. It is creating the thing. Watching it grow from nothing. If it takes a long time then that’s okay because you get to spend more time making the thing just right… if you rush making the thing then it may not turn out how you want it to turn out. If you rush a journey, you could have an accident. If you rush writing you could lose your plot. Lol

There is my answer… chill the fuck out. Have fun with the journey. Stop trying to force art to happen.

Live well.

Sleep when you can.

Drink coffee.

Love always.

Create carefully. But also with a dash of reckless abandon… we are only here once…




I painted the damn canvas!


19 thoughts on “ramble, ramble, ramble…”

  1. I think forcing things can be good, and not forcing things can be good. Things can happen naturally and organically, and other things need work. It’s all situational. I usually don’t think about it too much, because plenty of forced and unforced things can be bad, also.
    All we can really do is try not to spend time forcing something that is ultimately bad, and try not to miss something falling in our laps that is good.

    I hope some of that made sense, because I totally didn’t force it. 😉

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    1. Bahahahahaha yes, it did make perfect sense, Muffins.
      It’s funny, I wrote this and then put on my headphones and listened to the music you posted and painted the damn canvas… sometimes it just isn’t the right time for something to work and sometimes it just is…
      Lol as you said. It is situational.

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    1. That was basically all it was… I just poured my brain out on to the page… lol

      Thank you! It turned out not like what I was intending but it happened. I was going for some sort of oceany sort of thing… It also hasn’t dried yet so it will keep changing. I use a bunch of different mediums that dry differently so the texture will change and some things will go transparent and … other crap lol

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  2. A great ambling ramble Amberley,…. forced effort is good, effortless is good, half forced and half effortless is good, creating is good, enjoying the journey is good, be good to yourself, my good friend xx


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