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True – 5 loves

Feeding the hungry
While you starve, yourself

I have no business being here
A strange land
Language foreign
No interpreter present

Can you never eat
But still exist?
And at what point do your own food stores run out?
Surely there is only so much you can give

How do you know you like something
If you have never tasted it?

I’m sorry
I shouldn’t be here
This is not my room
I’m sorry to disturb you

I watch people in conversation
I know what they are saying but my words do not come out the same
My words mumble
Tumble from awkward lips

Back away slowly

How long should you look for something without knowing it exists?
That holy grail
Fictitious fucking cup
Holding blood and life
I may never drink from you
I thought I had once
But you turned into a snake in my hands
Venom on my lips

What the actual fuck am I doing here
This crowded room
This empty space

You know, Amberley
It’ll be in the last place you look…

Waiting for a bus when there is no bus stop in sight

The stars we see in the sky
Are dead
Their light still shines
But they are just ghosts
Phantasms of the past
We all gaze at what is not real
What if this is the same?


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