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Ugly – 5 loves

So, I’m having a shit week… these are all scheduled posts. I may be around to comment, I may not… we will see.

My dear friend, Wardy Muffins, suggested I do free verse healing or love or bacon or something else… I chose love cause I already had things to fit that slot. I will also be posting songs that fit in the theme… but as seperate posts…

So, we are kicking it off from the bottom. Well, the top of the list but bottom of the bag… so to say…

5 loves week.





& True

Love to push you down

Love to see you cry

Love to make you scared

Love to hear you say sorry

Love to twist your words

Love to pull your strings

Love to hold on tight

Love to slam the doors

Love to tell you what you’re thinking

Love to throw you away

Love to not talk

Love to watch you believe my lies

Love to hold you close

Love that you still love me

Love to do it all again tomorrow


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