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Suggestions Welcome

So… prompt next week… I would put it to a vote but I’m trying to avoid social media right now. Social media has been such a drain. And as it is nice to use it for silliness and catching up with friends, I have very little will power when it comes to that mindless scrolling and “just one more cute duck photo.”

So… prompt next week… I have been on such a free verse kick lately… part of me wants to get it out of my system. I have been writing them and just scheduling them for the weekends and non prompt days… but I have been doing well with the prompts…

And, this was meant to be an exercise to help me shed all the bullshit… to help me heal, to help me come back to my default state and start growing again. It was meant to prepare me for what the future holds and sort out what I can learn from the past… and what I can just leave behind… Spoilers: most of it I can leave behind ๐Ÿคฃ


So… next week’s prompt… ๐Ÿ˜’

Leave me some suggestions in the comments. If I get no suggestions you will get the week of poetry.




40 thoughts on “Suggestions Welcome”

  1. Hmm how about some random word combinations.

    The light electric

    Screw you change

    you bastard

    Me mine and ours

    Another day another night

    I hate your mother

    Sometimes i wish i was a dog

    I still have your number

    Im glad u got aids

    Spring showers and curly hair

    …..hmmm maybe not sorry i got nothing :/

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      1. Under maintenance right now, the Iron beams apparently got too rusted and half of the ballroom caved in which was scary, so I’m currently going to be traveling to Edinburgh for a month and hopefully stuff will get better when we’re back

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  2. I love the way you’re healing and I love your poetry. I’m happy to see you changing for the better. I would say Healing or Heart or Love.

    But if that’s too sappy, then I say Superpowers!!!!

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    1. “Too sappy” you’re so cute, muffins… also, I have issues being too serious lol so maybe this would be good. I have a “love week” idea in my notebook… hmmm…
      Lol superpowers is also tempting.

      I should make myself do the serious topic. I can’t dodge love for ever and I have already been writing about heart this week…

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