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seams not touching

She always had a towel
Soft and fresh
Blue and white and green like the Earth
slung over one shoulder

Heart stitched to one corner
Each piece attached with a different thread
Seams not touching

Didn’t remember when she removed it in the first place
Probably somewhere between her first kiss and her first heartbreak

Took it from her sleeve
To put it somewhere safer
Somewhere disconnected from her body

She knew people thought she was strange
The faces she pulled
The song a constant stream from her lips
Laughed at her jokes, but they laughed behind her back

She was waiting
Patience was a curse

She watched out her windows when it rained
Grey skies

Searching for poetry in the puddles and rain drops

For fingers holding needle and thread

For lips singing the same song

For wet shoulders in need of drying

One hand on the towel


12 thoughts on “seams not touching”

    1. Thank you so much…
      I liked the image of the girl waiting for love but not because she felt she needed to be rescued or saved. But in a way she was hoping to be put back together… I dunno… I had fun writing it… and it tied in nicely with towel week 🤣


  1. My God… This is hauntingly, longingly beautiful, and I just want to hug that woman and make it okay.
    I read it as, she was trusting and vulnerable, and kept getting hurt. She kept her heart distant after a time, but still attached… And she searched, waited for one she could share it with, who understood.
    Right in the feels, LemonSugar.
    I love this so much. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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