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Trust is a tricky bitch

Over the past few weeks, I have been thinking about trust. How some give it freely. How others freely break it. How sometimes it can take years to build. And how it can take one action to demolish it.

I don’t really want to get into this too much. I have issues with, perhaps, trusting too freely. Sometimes, it is something I “regret.” Other times, I am supremely happy in my judgment.

Please, watch this… it is very short but powerful. Plus, the people in it can do amazing things with their bodies…


25 thoughts on “Trust is a tricky bitch”

  1. Trust… One lie, and poof; one bit of treachery, and it’s bye bye; a pattern, even short, of being uncaring or perfunctory or being impersonal and it’s ‘see you never’. We’re not hard-wired to be trusting, at least I’m not. Life is treacherous, so yes, trust is a must. 🖤

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    1. Yes, you are so right. It takes so much to build and just one thing to knock it all down.
      I am hard-wired to be trusting, unfortunately… but I wouldn’t change that. I am happy giving most people a chance. Some I trust more than others. But, after past experience, once that trust is broken, I’m done. My heart is fractured enough without having to put it on the line for arseholes…

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      1. Speaking of trust, Instagram and my phone (Galaxy 5) aren’t getting along at all. I can post photos, but no more than three words of text. So, my presence on IG may be short-lived.


  2. I love dancing videos, or acrobatic dancing videos. That is not only trust, but the devotion and drive of two people to work towards something beautiful for a long time.

    I think trust should be earned, but in a fair way. You start out with trust, cautious trust. And then you take it away as you get let down.

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    1. I know right! How good are they!? The control and flow… I could have watched this without the narration.

      Sometimes when we give trust to easily, people can take advantage or think that your trust is worthless. All trust should be earned, you are right. And the cost is different depending on the person, for me. Some I would never fully trust, because I get gut feelings about, others I trust almost immediately for the same reason 🤣 my gut has a lot to do with my thinking process I guess…

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      1. Yes! I love these couples dances… So much effort must go into the timing and evrything looks so good… I watch them also. Actually, we did a study on them for homeschool.
        This one was great..

        Trust is like a dance…

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