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edge stars twinkling

Piece by piece
Across this inferno
The depths of which seem too savage to cross

The tumultuous waves and fire and ash from the mouths of this volcanic pit
Soul searing

Build a bridge to set you free
One nail at a time

Slaughter a forest of trees
Carve them into sturdy planks
Rope and vines, made of hope and one days,
Holding steady

Rape a river for all its rocks
Stones for your feet to tread upon
Build a foundation of escape

Don’t look down
Lest you fall
Don’t look back
It is nothing but smoke and flame
The important things will shine through the haze
Following in your wake

Tenuous carriage
Bearing forward

The light at the edge
Stars twinkling
You may not see them all the time
But it doesn’t mean they are not there

What is on the other side
That is up to you
The important thing is to get out
And stay out.


9 thoughts on “edge stars twinkling”

  1. Life. Whose idea was this? lol
    Beautiful and touching poem, Lemons. I love your introspection, really getting to know your insides. You bleed wonderfully, and long wonderfully, and philosophy fantastically. Hugs all the hugs. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I dunno… life can be difficult at times… but there are a lot of good parts too. Silver linings and such… Forward movement is always good.
      *smiles big*
      You flatter me, Sir Muffins. I’m very glad you enjoyed this…
      All the kisses. All the hugs. 🖤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The intrepid Hawaiians thought, a week ago, that only one subdivision was at stake. And now? Maybe the huge trash-filled beach on the island’s southwest tip could beset ablaze. (just speculation on my part, but possible.)

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