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Just call me a serial killer

Removing your skin

like clothes, gently

Tearing away

Tearing apart

your blood is my wine

and I drink deeply

Sinking my teeth into your still warm flesh

Don’t you worry

I will have my fill of you

You filling me

The way to a man’s heart

is straight through his rib cage

I have no need for venom

Or silken threads

You came willingly

You came lovingly

And I am sure you would come again

If I gave you the chance

If I do not kill you again first

sam crow bunny girl

I have been mulling this one over for a while, and with my recent stint of more … I hate using the word sexy, but whatever, … sexy posts, then I thought I would give this a shot. Obviously, it is not “sexy sexy” because I am literally talking about murder but, to die in this context, in this miniverse, may not actually mean death…

So the art in this is from a great artist, Sam Crow. I love love love their work. Please check them out and support. They are not a friend. I am not getting a cut or anything. They are just so awesome. And the piece shown above is theirs… obviously.


33 thoughts on “Just call me a serial killer”

  1. Oh my eff!!!! This You is… sexy and hot as fuck! These tanglings of emotions and needs and urges is delectable in the most devilish way, interwoven with your essential goodness…makes for a heady concoction. And I am aching to take a sip. 🍷❤️🖤🔥

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  2. My mind was conjuring up gory visuals based on the suggestive wording of certain things, but the more I read, the more I could see the aesthetic of the poetry was open-ended for interpretation.

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