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the. project. part 6… holy fuck

I put it to a vote again for this week (Thank you to everyone who voted, I have been steadily getting more votes every week… Unless it is just one rando voting multiple times… I don’t think that’s possible… anyway)

So It was pretty hands down this week. I will post the results in picture form down below.



So, HONEY it is… Should have waited to post the one I posted this morning bahahahahaha oh well. Another honey poem.

I’m excited… I have zero fucking idea what the art will be… hmmm… any requests, chuck them in the comments down below.

love love love to you all


5 thoughts on “the. project. part 6… holy fuck”

  1. I would have voted ‘bananas’ just to see where you would take it. Let me see,

    Filled with mmmm…
    Peel my layers make me
    Take the tip first
    Then the rest…
    Oesophagus put to the test.


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