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strings of honey

Breathe you into me

Like smoke

I feel you inside


And you disappear

Addicted to your taste

To the way you make my heart pound


the sweet pain of wanting is all I think of

I still feel you coursing through my veins

Do you have to be touched to feel something?

Do I have to know you to want you?

I watch you in my mind

Playing games

puppets and strings

but strings of honey

and I don’t mind dancing for you

There are no swords under my feet

no curses to be lifted by your kiss


maybe just one

But that is not why I want to taste your lips

That is not why I find my self


of your hips

your fingers

mine in your hair

gasping breaths caught between whispers

Sighs, deep, against skin on skin

Blushing cheeks when I catch these thoughts in flight

My want is not sweet like fire flies in darkness

but like spiders



every last drop of you


49 thoughts on “strings of honey”

      1. I have no idea… but sometimes when it happens on one blog it can happen on others at the same time. May e just put out a post, aski g your peeps to check their spam folders for you


  1. The target of this poem has absolutely no chance whatsoever. You would own him.
    I loved this, Lemons! Very sensuous and sultry. A side of you that doesn’t get to come out much, but when it does, wow! The way you put everything was perfect. 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “This is what happens when I don’t have sex for a while” may just be my favourite tag of yours. This week, lol.

    Well, aren’t you a little vixeny minxy, slinkxy saucepot?

    I love the diction you used. It all sounds so dreamy and silky and yet HOT af! It’s also so familiar to me…which usually means it’s completely penetrated (yep pun intended) my… everything


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    1. Bahahahahahaha … yeah… true story… I told you sexy was the thing for this week… I dunno…

      I knew it was inside me all along, but I have held onto it… mainly because I have not really felt sexy. Sometimes I do… but mostly not… broken minds can break other parts of you too…

      I’m glad you enjoyed it. It may be the last one or a long line… depends of it is from a floodgate or I just sprung a leak 🤣🤣🤣

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 😂😂😂
        I love that you make me laugh, you cheeky little sex monkey (sex monkey? Yeah, I won’t delete that, it’s funny)
        I absolutely, absolutely, absolutely get what you mean. Those parts of me were broken until about a year ago. Sigh…some bits are now fully awake in full on, hard and pulsating sex bombness, and some bits are sadly, tearily in a slumber.
        And I know I don’t “know” you, except in this surreally true virtual way , but you are SEXY Amberfairy. Sometimes your words, whether a post or a comment, make me all hot and flustered! But you’re immensely sexy. Remember that.

        What else….I don’t think it’s the last…I reckon the floodgates are open and I’ve just tingled you a bit too, with my infatuation of your sex goddess-ness, and there’ll be more. So I’ll be waiting and fanning myself. (Lol, “fanning myself” for some reason now sounds good and dirty… Okay shutting up 💜😍😏)

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      2. Yay! I’m glad I made you laugh. And sex monkey is funny.

        I feel I am healing… but it is too hard to tell with out… doing further research? Lol yeah… but… I don’t see that happening any time soon.

        I think a lot about BEING sexy is FEELING sexy… and until recently, I haven’t really felt that… so, I will cross my fingers for floodgates, but if it turns out to be a sprung leak, then… there’s not much I can do.

        It is very sweet of you to say all these lovely things about me and my words…

        Bahahahahaha fanning one’s self could be a euphemism… but I am pretty sure I just wrote *fans herself* on someone’s blog… so maybe not lol

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      3. Try doing a search in your inbox with the word ‘contact’
        It happens to me sometimes. It should be silently smouldering words contact or something…

        Poop…if you can’t find it I’ll send another on Monday.
        All my love sweet AmberFairy

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