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decay. cracked. crumbling.

If you follow me then you may know I enjoy doing macro and micro photography of rando things.

This is what I have done for this…

I won’t weigh this post down with words. I will just leave you with my photos.







47 thoughts on “decay. cracked. crumbling.”

    1. Isn’t that the case with most things… sometimes thing are ugly until you get close to them, close enough to see the beauty of them…
      And then sometimes things are difficult to work out and confusing up close… so you have to step back…
      It’s kinda like… a dance…😋

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  1. My favourite is the green leaf in Decay. You are so talented, gorgeous. I would enlarge all of those, print them on canvasses and cover my wall with them- EASILY. Art. God woman… loving you very hard lately….
    I love your titles though…

    I would do a post script post of this post (lol) and add the category

    Restored or Revived.

    Because you are an inspiration. As a Friend, as a Woman, as a Mummy, and as an Artist…



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    1. Oh my goodness! You love on me too much. I think I like the ones… umm… I think they are in crumbling, but you can’t see why I like it without enlarging it. But it is really pretty the way the light caught in the broken glass, like lightning.
      You will have to vote on next week’s prompt. I don’t know what they will be out of yet, but hopefully people will pick something a little less … sad. But it has been a good writing week.
      thank you so much for all your love today, sweet goddess! kisses to you.

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      1. You are welcome!
        I love how you do this, and every time I think, I need to spend more time with my camera, darn it.
        Actually, when I see any photos anywhere, I think this, so I guess I am thinking it a lot hahaha
        But this is particularly inspiring 🙂

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      2. Excellent, yes, do it! I love taking photos. My camera phone is my bestie. I have a proper camera as well, so I could take fancy shit as well… but the camera phone is mighty convenient. Please take some photos.

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      3. yes I use my phone a lot too for snap shots…I should probably go through them, I most likely have more photos than I realise haha
        but I do want to get my real camera out…I will feel like a clutz with it, no doubt as it has been too long. Could be interesting. lol

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  2. I finally popped on IG, last night and will devote a bit of time to the Crumbly theme, before this weekend is out. You’ll be able to see my phone photos on my IG site. You are a huge inspiration, luvvy duv! 💙💜

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