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stray cat chased

You were a light

Until you took away your flame

You were a smile

Until you stopped laughing

You were dreams

Until you wouldn’t wake up

You were my trust

Until you showed me your other face

You were there… here…

Until you weren’t…

Another stray cat chased from your yard…

Another lesson for myself to not trust humans


27 thoughts on “stray cat chased”

  1. with all the crazy ass animals that can kill anything with one bite or even a look… how is there one stray cat in Australia?… the math doesn’t add up… also on a side note I finally spelled Australia right first try… and there it goes… dammit…

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    1. We actually have a huge stray cat problem. And they get big. I have seen a stray cat once that could have been mistaken for a bloody panther. Just another thing for us to be scared of … I wouldn’t worry too much. Most Australians Can’t spell or say Australia. We say and write Straya. Lmfao true story.
      Thanks for all the love, Mr Glass xxx

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  2. Haha! Yes! Love this!
    Deeply cutting yet soft in its vulnerability, deep under the surface. You basically said “fuck you, prick” and “I’m a-fucking-mazingly beautiful and worth more” in one breath.

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    1. yep. Pretty much. It was a bit of a fuck you post. And I am trying to not do those, but sometimes they are in my head. But it is alright, I followed it up with sexy stuff. And I have just scheduled another sexy post, actually. Feeling particularly inspired lately.
      You are gorgeous. kisses and hugs.

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      1. Haha, yes I was being cheekily charming by implying that you are feeling particularly sexy and loved up because you are totally in lurve with me. It was supposed to be hilarious.
        I understand if you are… I’m pretty delightful and magnetic .. lol

        I’m head over heels for you , cheeky 🖤


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