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Anchors away!

I was going to do a watercolour for this week but I decided to go with some digital art instead.

I used a great free phone app called Snapseed. If you like phone photography and you don’t have Snapseed, you are doing yourself an injustice.

The othe resource I used was pixabay. I used so many photos to create this one image…

I am happy with the way it tyrned out… it is pretty obvious, I think. With the “Love is not an Anchor” prompt this week and the title..

I did say we were going to be more serious this week…

I dropped my anchor almost 10 months ago now… I cannot believe it has been so long and not long at all.

When you first step away from being in an anchoring relationship you don’t immediately feel like you can fly… as I said yesterday, it takes time for your wings to grow back, feathers need to heal… but the longer you stay away, the better it becomes.

Almost every day, I find a new feather I didn’t have before, ones I never knew I had. But you must stay away. Because, if you go back, the wings are clipped again and it you immediately find yourself tangled in rope again.

These people who weigh down their partners, I don’t know if their bad behaviour gets repeated with every partner or if they eventually see the error in their ways (I hope so) but you don’t have to be the one to find out. Let them grow in their own life time.

Fuck your anchor right off. Flip them the middle finger and fly away. Life is too amazing and precious and delicate and short to spend it behind the bars of a cage, never seeing how high you can fly…

Love, Lemons


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