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Love weighing you down

I was going to do some research and throw some statistics or studies at you from across the blogosphere, but I decided to take a more loving approach…

Love… love is like an octopus… nope, I have already used that one.

Love is tricky AF.

I have been a little bit of a love cynic lately.

We hear of so many stories of heartbreak, loss, abuse, infidelity… the list goes on and on. I mean, we hear love stories also… but they are always the beginning of the story.

The beginning is always good. I want stories about the middle of the relationship.

I want stories about lovers setting each other free, not tying each other down.

I want stories about embracing each others differences, not trying to change one another.

I want stories about being adults and instead of punishing one another and being hurtful or controlling, realizing that you are not suited and moving on. Because even that in itself is a loving act.

Lies and accusations and control only cages everyone involved.

What we seem to accept as love is what anchors us to one person, but I don’t think this is how it should be.

Wouldn’t you prefer to fly next to someone, freely, watching as you both soar and achieve and grow, instead of snipping each others wings?

And I think for us to find THIS love, this love with wings, we need to first be whole people. We need to first allow our own clipped wings to grow back.

How can you possibly soar in the sky with someone if you cannot fly yourself?

Love, Lemons

BTW this was for my “Love is not an anchor” prompt…

Yeah… no explanation needed…


18 thoughts on “Love weighing you down”

  1. “Love Cynic” sounds like the title of a poem. Your insights are deep, gorgeous. The middle of relationships is beauty, yes. No shackles, no chains, just purity in passion and fire and Love.

    This is for you and your beautiful post.

    My Beginnings End with You, My Centre

    “Take my middle,
    Start and end,
    Through your senses, we transcend,
    Kiss me with your new found sense,
    Cage me not with recompense.

    Spread my wings…and body wide,
    Deleriously, softly slide,
    Through these rivers sweet and wet…
    I kiss the day I can’t forget.

    Wait I will, until the day,
    My soul’s revival comes to stay,
    While I stand in naked rain,
    I’ll reminisce in bliss
    Not pain.”

    Impromptu, literally flowed from you and your post. Happy Monday, beautiful AmberFairy

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    1. Oh my goodness… you did not just write this now!!! M! This is gorgeous! You have me all teary eyed…
      I love it so much… you should post it… it is so good.
      You are so incredibly talented.

      I need to write a poem for this prompt…

      I like you being back on the blog.
      I hope you are okay.
      I love you all the love.
      Thank you so much for this and coming by my side of the blogosphere xxx

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      1. I did! My brain takes over sometimes when it’s not taking a break from reality!

        I won’t post it, it’s for you. You can if you want! Lol!

        For my prompt? God, don’t feel pressured at all my love. It just sounded like a title! Or the prompt you mention in the post? Either way, as I said to a friend the other day,

        Let the words flow from the river of the soul to the ocean of the heart.

        Totally quotable, I know! *Mic drop*

        You are immensely talented and inspiring babe, everything you write shines, even the more sombre words. Bright, bright and shiny, like a diamond in a dessert.

        I like it too, and you. Lots.
        I’m okay, please don’t worry about me.

        I love you more than you imagine

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  2. That’s so amazing, M… I have copied and pasted it on my phone so I can keep it… 😁😍😚

    Your prompt is good but I meant my prompt. The one I am following this week. I have been a little stuck lately so I went back to the prompts. Lol mic drop. You are on fire today!

    I will always worry about you… because I care.

    You are too kind to me, sweet smouldering Goddess!


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  3. In a nutshell, you have it nailed! My last words to Penny, before she departed were: “Do what is best for you. I will be fine.” She knew that, and we let each other keep on. This is true for every one, whether he or she chooses to recognize it, or not. It’s best to know- You are meant to soar!

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