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the. project. PART 4

Okay… so… now I am all warmed up. Shit is gonna start being more serious. Don’t worry, there will still be fun stuff but I can’t ignore the reason for these prompts.

The reason why I started these prompts was for therapeutic reasons.

To help clean the wounds.

To help purge.

To help heal.

It was meant as art therapy. Blogger style.

This week’s prompt is…

*waits for the drum roll.*

*waits forever so decides to continue anyway. Who needs a drumroll? And besides, if she actually heard one it would only freak her out. She doesn’t own any drums.*

Love is not an Anchor

That is the prompt… do with it what you will…

Love, Lemons


8 thoughts on “the. project. PART 4”

  1. Love should never be an albatross, a chain or an anchor. It’s a rocket ship, a hot air balloon or a tandem bike, if it’s anything allegorical like that. I’m just here to applaud your dreams, beautiful human! ❤

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