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River cat

Once upon a time there was a… stray cat who hated humans

Every day… she would watch the house cats across the river who would stay inside and not live their cat lives.

One day… the stray cat fell into the river. Thinking her nine lives were up she accepted her fate of drowning, but a little boy on the other side of the river fished her out.

Because of that… she was very sick from, well, almost drowning. But the boy took care of her, despite her attacking him every time her came near. The boy persisted.

Then because of that… she met the other house cats on that side of the river. She began to realise that maybe they were not so bad. But the boy persisted, but accidentally hurt her while trying to clean her wounds. She scratched him badly and the boy’s mother threw the cat out. Confirming the cat’s knowledge of humans being horrible

And because of that… the cat tried to run away and return home to the stray side of the river. The boy came after her. The river was strong. A storm came up. But the cat seing that the boy, who had cared so much for her, was in trouble got all the house cats together to save the boy, with the mother’s help.

Until, finally… the stray cat who hated humans no longer hated them. She no longer thought house cats were stupid or stuck up. She loved her knew home and her new even if she still didn’t love being picked up or touched…


I struggled with what to write about.. there is life lemons being thrown at me and this is the best I could come up with.

I thought it would be cute to use the PIXAR story formula.

And why a stray cat? I dunno… cause a fish with a disability has been done.

Love, Lemons xxx


14 thoughts on “River cat”

  1. LOL! I think it worked out well. Hugs my LemonySugar! After you taking the strays in, I’m surprised your permanent resident hasn’t called on more strays to come over. LOL. Oh… I forgot. She is probably the jealous kind. LOL. She wants you all to herself. Why not, you’re very sugary. 😉

    Love ya!

    Liked by 1 person

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