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Fluid pouring liquid blue

I’m writing this while standing in a public bathroom, waiting for my child to finish pooping, while our psychologist waits upstairs for us both… #mumlife #livingthedream

So, here is the run down…

I painted the fuck over last week’s shit fest… yeah, yeah I know… there will be no Nyan cat this week.

I used my secret ingredients (yes, there are two) when creating this cover up. But you can just use white acrylic.

I didn’t wait foe it to dry, I poured paint all over them… 3 different shades of blue and one white, using the same “recipe” as last week. But with a little silicon added to one of the blues.

I didn’t just tip it around though like I normally might’ve. Using a brush and a toothpick and a paddlepop stick, I manipulated the puddles of paint int the shapes I desired.

Shapes of what, Lemons, I don’t hear you asking? Nothing really. Look at this mess! It is like a fucking Rorschach test… you see what ever your mind fixates on…

And then I flamed them and dried them. I like to dry them in the sun for a bit so the paint dries with a bit of texture… I hate a flat painting…

That is one thing the pics don’t show. The texture doesn’t come through. But then again neirher does the colour. Maybe if I fiddled I could get the colour looking okay but I simply do not have the time…

I still have a poem and a short story to post after this…


Love, Lemons

Let me know, in the comments below, what you see?


28 thoughts on “Fluid pouring liquid blue”

  1. Forking scheisse! LemonySugar! I loved this whole forking thing! You are so talented and lovely. You’re loving nature pours out in anything and everything you do. Thank you so much for sharing this.

    I saw earth while being trapped in outer space by Dick Tentacles’ nemeses, the evil Dr. Mastre Batour. You know that French guy? He just showed up like an asphalt forker. He wouldn’t let me go. I was thinking Dick would save me. LOL. (I’m sure this all sounds fantastic to you. Not! It’s late. LOL.)

    Umm… I’ma get to work now because… I’m late with this. I really want to participate. Hugs and love and hugs and love!!

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  2. In the second one, I see a misshapen reindeer, in the middle and an angel hand puppet with a cowl, on lower left. In the third one, two ice skaters are in the middle and a waving extraterrestrial on the lower right. In the fourth one-what else? Five aquatic demons, including a black mermaid on top left.

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