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get away,

From it all
get out,

Of your mind
run away,

From responsibility
run off,

To a better place
break out,

Of those chains
break free,

Of the shackles that bind you
get free,

Of yourself
break loose,

From reality
make a break for it,

You can do it

As fast as you can
clear out,

Of here

The bullshit that hurts you

Using fairy dust and happy thoughts
take flight,

Over oceans
make off,

With your life
take off,

From the ground

From the everyday

Like bees from a hive
take to one’s heels,

Only you can get yourself away


Before it’s too late

To clearer shores
make a run for it;

You know you want to…

I dunno what the fuck this has to do with liquid… I got my son to pic an image with water in it and then I wrote what it inspired.

This is what poured out…

Love, Lemons


9 thoughts on “drapetomania”

  1. It’s brilliant! It is soothing and made me think of the water, ocean. Living close to water would make me feel so good. I don’t think anything would bother me.

    LemonySugar! You are super talented! Hugs! Love! Hugs! And more love! 😍😘

    Liked by 1 person

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