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Is liquid… Google autofill shenanigans

I was unsure what to do for my non-fiction post for this week’s prompt- Liquid. Then I thought… non-fiction doesn’t meann it has to be educational. It just has to be real.

So, I bring you the Google autofill game. My favourite online game.

I will post the screen shot of the Google bar and then post my answers below each one.

Now… just so you all know… yes, I am qualified to answer these questions. I am an expert on all things… yes. All of them.


This would be dependent on what is in the liquid you are consuming for your breakfast meal. As long as it has nutritional things in it, then yes. If it has motor oil, then no.

Only if you squeeze it really, really hard. But even then, only a little bit.

No. They are basically the same thing. Although some powders can have fillers… you know that dust that comes of your laundry when you pull it of the line? Yeah, that shit… sneaky fuckers…

Only if you know how to use it. Practice makes perfect.

There is not much difference in the two, chemical wise, but thw liquid form can be more readily absorbed by your planties. Also, the granular type can get hot… which isn’t good for your plants that like the cold…


Yes! All the yes!

Iron injections are better. Or you could just start drinking blood… jokes! Don’t drink blood. Go see your doctor. Google is not your dr.

Neither, really. It is a colloid. It is a protein structure suspended within a liquid that if heated would become fully liquid.

Ewww… maybe but why… blerg

I mean they say it is, but they also used to say cigarettes were good for you so… I dunno. I think it comes down to a common sense thing. If your child puts their toys in their mouth, then no. If they are sensible then maybe. Maybe it something you can play with together… anything with magnets should be supervised play, IMO. But if you wanted to know if it has arsenic, then no.

Yes… like … it isn’t going to eat you but yeah… like… don’t ingest it…

Once again… it isn’t going to grow into a zombie or anything but yeah, you probs shouldn’t be playing around with it… leave that shit for the scientists, bro…

It isn’t exactly flammable, it is more of an accelerant. Because oxygen is like cookies for fire… so, just don’t play with the two… burnies hot…

…yes… it is a very refined version.

Oh man… gotta look this one up…

I would say, ask your doctor before taking anything. What is good for the goose may not be good for the duck or the blue bird so just ask your fucking doctor, peeps… Google is not your doctor.

… I… ummm… no?

If we are saying “rigid” is the state of being unable to change, bend or being forced out of shape…

Or is this a metaphorical question?

Like the food sauce or vegetable glycerin?

Ooo… science! I’m gonna go for endo… but I am also gonna go check cause I haven’t done that in a while…

Boom! Science. Endothermic.

No. It is a solid. But it is very… dissolvable lol that’s not a word but you know what I mean.

… better than?

… I…

Safe? Like… safe to take at the reccomended dosage prescribed to you by your registed doctor? Or safe to pour into a kiddie pool and jump around in it with two girls dressed in bikinis and clown make up? C’mon people… be more specific.

Better at flowing through a small holes, yes. But for baking… I honestly didn’t even know you could get liquid yeast… I would assume, liquid yeast would not last as long and probably wouldn’t be as potent. Because… that’s what fungi be like…

Um… safe… SAFE FOR WHAT?

I take it you mean “for human consumption” and seeing as though it doesn’t build up in your body then I will venture a timid yes, but I will also say… go ask your fucking doctor! Gosh… these people go through most of their years studying the human body so go ask them… your body is literally their jam. They will be stoked if you did. Stop asking an algorithm driven AI your medical questions. One day it will be able to heal you if it deems you qorthy but for now, go see your doctor.

And that’s all folks! If you hung around for all of this, thanks! You’re a gem.

Big loves,



22 thoughts on “Is liquid… Google autofill shenanigans”

      1. Drink it. But I refuse to make lemonade.
        We are always told, ” when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” But I say, “Fuck the lemonade! I don’t want to keep making lemonade. I wanna make art.”

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I need to come for a visit and maybe you can show me in person. I’ll make the lemonade and you can drink it. I’ll watch you make art. (Mel!!!)

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Relax… I’m in Mel’s head, at least for now… I’d like to visit in your dreams. Umm… that’s how she tries to make us all do things. It fucking doesn’t work on me. I’ll tell you a secret…
        I think she loves me. I mean love. That’s why the things she tries on her other characters don’t work on me. Anyway… one day I’m going to break free and she won’t have to conjure anything up. I WILL be real.

        You’re sweet. I can see exactly why your friends. She’s lucky.

        Liked by 1 person

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