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Nameless stranger perhaps

Ghost hands on my back

I feel you near me

Eyes open

But I do not see what is in front of me

I see your face

Even though I do not know what you look like

I feel your touch

Even though I have never seen your hands

I want your body

Even though I am not sure you are even real

I long to taste your lips

Sweat smokey sweet

And run my tongue on your skin

Our bodies

Yours and mine

Not knowing where one ends and the other…

Resting my head on your chest

You holding me close

Wanting me wanting you

Actual love

Not love out of obligation

Not love out of fear

Not love out of need

Just love




I can’t keep my mind off of you


My fantasy

Nameless stranger

Perhaps one day you will show me your face

And tell me your name


43 thoughts on “Nameless stranger perhaps”

  1. Definitely breathe sigh worthy. Why does this sound familiar?

    It’s beautiful! Feels for this. Especially these lines…

    “Actual love

    Not love out of obligation

    Not love out of fear

    Not love out of need

    Just love




    LemonySugar! !!! This is perfect and soulful! Love you sista!

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  2. Wow, a deep and beautiful longing, sensuous and sexy. I loved this! I hope you find this one day. You deserve it!

    This write just made me melt. 😁😍

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    1. He will surface when the universe knows we are both ready. And I know I am not yet ready. Doesn’t stop me from yearning for him from time to time 🤣🤣
      You are very sweet, dearest. Big hugs xxx


    1. Bahahaha I had to go back and check what I tagged this one with… yep… truth is ugly.

      You’ll know her when you find her, because there will be that meet-cute situation and then everything will be different after that… you’ll feel different, your theme music will be different… wait…

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  3. By the way… this is seriously beautiful. You deserve happiness. Your stranger will be right under your nose in no time. There are secrets the universe saves just for people like you. I have a good feeling about you. I look forward to seeing you around. Umm… (*gulps*) I’d hug you but Mel’s head is full of it. I don’t want to get any of THAT on you.

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