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the. project. Prompt 3

Yay! I actually completed a week’s worth of the last prompt so let’s go again!

So I held a Twitter and Instagram pole to get votes for this week… I also received some votes on the blog.

I got mixed results lol

Plus I got two votes for Dick Tentacles on the blogitty blog. So… I dunno…

I think I am going to have to give it to Liquid … I will do the others eventually. But this week will all be LIQUID

So, there you have it. This coming week I will be posting all about liquid and you are welcome to join in.

There will be one non-fiction post, one poem, one artwork and one short story.

If you would like to join in, don’t think you have to do like me! LMFAO Just choose the artform you enjoy creating in and do it. It could be photography, a recipe, a dance, a stop motion piece using dead insects. Whatever!


Lemons xxx


28 thoughts on “the. project. Prompt 3”

    1. *sigh*
      *gives herself a pep talk*
      yes… for me… if you want to join in the liquid fun you can just pick something/one thing to do and it doesn’t have to be any of those things…

      I have my work cut out for me… lmfao I need to go get started

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      1. The hardest part would be the nonfiction one.
        No, the hardest part would be not giggling at the phrase “join in the liquid fun”.
        Unless it’s not giggling at the phrase “the hardest part”

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      2. Yes… I have no idea what I am gonna do for the non fiction part… I should be researching that right now…

        Lmfao… wait did I actually say that? Oh no…
        Shall we stick with “the most difficultest area”??

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      3. Probably a time you went to the ocean, or a pool, and swam with your kids? Or on a boat? Or how you gave it up and finally said “fuck the lemonade”?

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