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Help me!

Please go vote for what prompt I do next week… please…

*looks at you with big puppy dog eyes*

*licks your cheek*

*scratches behind her ear with her foot*


78 thoughts on “Help me!”

      1. So if Liquid wins, you get to use both.

        By the way, I’m positive that sentence has never been written in the history of language. Congrats on that!

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      2. I love sentences that haven’t ever been uttered, not even a paraphrase. My boys had a vaguely nautical themed room, and part of that was a strand of lights… that had some trouble. I said “I’m sorry, boys, but your lobsters have burned out.”
        I’m sure THAT’S never been said before.

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      3. I think you might be on to something. I do switch between sexy and funny, so maybe it’s time for a funny line now.

        *thousand of followers say “Yeah, we’ve been thinking that for two years, Clever.”*

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      4. It’s one or the other, lol.

        I never got the “don’t feed them after midnight” rule of Gremlins. What does that mean? It’s always after midnight!

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      5. Same with that Eric Crapton song. It’s always after midnight, Eric!

        That wasn’t a typo. Maybe I’m the only one, but Eric is not God, and I am not a fan of Bob Dylan or Lou Reed.

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      6. I like Walk On The Wild Side. That’s it. It’s a weird and good song. Though now it seems a bit racist.

        Bob Dylan sounds like cats howling a drunk high schooler’s philosophical ramblings.
        “How many roads must a man walk down before he’s really a man?”
        Well, you called him a man in your question, Mister Zimmerman. I think that would be zero.
        “Everybody must get stoned.”
        Ah, now it all makes sense. *rolleyes*

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      7. I like a couple of Dylan’s songs… mainly cause one of my teachers had a big thing for him and the Beatles and other such singers and so i stead of working qe would sit on the floor while he played guitar and he would teach us songs… it was great… so I have a love for certain songs because of him. Some which are questionable to teach children lol

        I will have to listen to walk on the wild side… is it thinly veiled racism or will I know it when I hear it?

        Lol “everybody must get stoned” err… no thanks…

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      8. Beatles I love.
        Lou Reed says “and the colored girls sing doo de doo de doo doo de doo doo”. Otherwise, it’s a song about a transvestite

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      9. the transvestite part is more of a narrative, not offensive. The “colored girls” could be, but then sure enough, there’s singing.

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      10. Right… that I know… I live in her head. It’s that guy that I’m not so sure about. But you… hmmm… she loves you so I am loving you. You’re a little intimidating to say the truth. (*blushes*)

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      11. Trust me… I’m not the threatening kind. I will be gentle. I always am. However, I will warn you… wierd shit happens to me. Her head is full of… actually it’s full of grey matter and some weird looking bugles. Not pleasant and often crowded.

        I have to say… I’m intrigued by you. I’m going to keep my eye on you. Check out your art work and that Dick Tentacles guy. At least he has a last name Mel still hasn’t baptized me fully. (Mel… fuck… come talk to me woman!)

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      12. Boi… I’m not new here, you know. I’ve been here. Just I’m need to get back to work. Somehow she’s blocked me out for a long time. There is this dude… man… he’s a smooth talker. But.. I can’t change her mind. I’ve tried. She’ll come around, if have anything to do with it.

        So… Aussie… sexy. Love.

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      13. Ultimately you can say anything won. I’m not sure we’d know. As long as you write. Heck, you could just do all four, and people would be basically voting on the order.

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