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3 days 3 quotes – day 2

My thanks to A guy called bloke for tagging me in on 3 Days, 3 Quotes Tag 3 and awarding me the occasion to display my quotes of motivation and inspiration.

The rules are simple:

Thank you note to the person who nominates you

Post one quote per day for 3 consecutive days

Nominate three new bloggers each day

l am not great at nominating people for these sorts of things. So, if you are reading this, co sider yourself nominated. Lol



12 thoughts on “3 days 3 quotes – day 2”

    1. I really love that song. And I love the genius website, breaking down the song lyrics…
      It so easy to get sucked into the “but why” of everything, especially the bad things. But I think it is mostly about learning and growth and living… even in the face of loss…

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      1. Yes! Lol I don’t know why I wasn’t before… I get so behind on my blog reading. I just realised this morning I wasn’t following you. If I don’t come over very often, please don’t take it personally… I am such a slow reader and I already follow way too many bloggers…

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