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If I had a tramp stamp…

I envy those women

You know…

“Those” women

The ones who can go out

A night on the town

Sparkling stars like smiles

Skyscraper heels and dresses like an old age pension -barely there and basically useless…

Treating their bodies more like night clubs than temples

Mindful pleasure

In the moment

Meet a man

Man meat

Eat a man

And spit him back out again.

If I had a tramp stamp

I would wear it with pride

The badge that says I have been to war with society and I don’t give a fuck who wins or looses cause guess who got laid last night…

Kiss a man

Kiss a woman

Kiss a human

Lips and bodies

Hips and hotties

Dancing to a beat all your own

If I had a tramp stamp

I would wear my pants low

Low low

Show your G string type low

Show my thong type low (when on holidays in the US)

I would take the mid section out of all my shirts and parade my tender underbelly for all to see

If I had a tramp stamp

I would never do it missionary





I would never take a lover into my arms

Never look them in the eye

Never feel the safe weight of them holding my free spirit down

If I had a tramp stamp

It would say


in large, friendly letters…

But I am not one of “those” women

It is just not in me


24 thoughts on “If I had a tramp stamp…”

  1. How about a 4 on one cheek, and a 2 on the other? It’s the meaning of life, you know. 😉

    I laughed at this! Because tattoos are sometimes like a time capsule on the skin, lol.

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    1. I am. I am happy being the person I am. It was a passing thought when a dear friend offered to get me a gigolo… 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I breifly played with the idea in my mind (very very breifly) but quickly came to the conclusion that casual sex is not something I am capable of…


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