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No quitters allowed

I actually copied and pasted this from my instagram feed… it ended up being longer than I thought it would be so I thought “what the fuck” just put it on the blog too…

That moment when people start to notice the change in your body…
I know this isn’t why we work out but it doesn’t stop it from feeling good. This doesn’t make us vain. It is a normal human/animal behaviour to enjoy the feeling of acceptance and praise.

I have gone a long time being held back or held down by someone… and now I finally have the chance to be me again. And me includes working out. I have no exact goal I just enjoy working out but I do have extra weight that has been weighing me down for a long time.

You could say I have lost about 120kgs before I even started lol jks. But I have actually already lost 15kgs of my own body weight…

This journey which I have started in the past is always touchy in the beginning. I have had a few set backs so far, 6 months in, but I have kept going. Even if I have to take a break… that is all it is. A break. Not stopping. Not quiting. Just a pause.


31 thoughts on “No quitters allowed”

  1. Lemony!!!!!! Sugar!!!!! I’m so proud of you and I’m so inspired by you!!! Gotta forking get back to starting yoga! I’ve always wanted to do it and I started by my break has lasted forever! Dammit! Thank you for this. You. Are. Amazing!!!! Love you my lemony goodness!

    There is a video here babe!

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    1. You can do it! I so believe in you my love. Do it for you. Do it for your kids. Do it for your future and your niw and your mind… make some time for you. You deserve it.

      Thank yoy for telling me about the video, my love…

      Big squeezy snuggle cuddles to you, beautiful xxx

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  2. Hi gorgeous. I had to speak and share with you after reading this, yet another kindred experience in our ever intermingling lives, thigh so far apart, I feel so close to you in many ways .
    After my little one was born, I gained about 20kg which for me was a fucking enirmous shock to my system. I had always been slim yet curvy, and despite my deep dislike for my face, I (almost) always liked my body. Then gorgeous little baby was born and I had just ballooned. He was C-section, so I was unable to any form of exercise for ages.
    Then it just got word and finally I thought enough. I can’t stand looking at myself anymore.
    So last year around the end of may, just after my birthday, I began to diet sensibly and exercise and within about 4 months I had lost 13kgs and I felt amazing. It was sooooooooo hard. Gruelling but I did it. I so believe in you. You are amazing.
    Now, to my annoyance and anger at my stupid fat self, I have gained back about 4kgs and that’s annoying because I still wanted to lose at least another 5kgs after the previous 13kgs. This morning, I saw that I had dropped 2 kgs and am suddenly feeling more positive again! My weight is heavily linked to my state of mind and I am it surprised it’s been all over the palace because I am in a pretty fucked up state right now. But I know I can do it, lose the bastard kgs that are let and feel somewhat attractive again. At the moment, I feel uglier than ever but I can deal with it. It’s nothing new for me.
    You are such an inspiration. You are so dearly loved around here and you exude love and positivity. You can do anything you set your mind to and I adore you for that. I only wish we were closer so we could talk or see each other but such is life. I will love you from afar and hope that life may allow our paths to cross one day.
    All my love AmberFairy and kisses and squooshles

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    1. Thank you for sharing with me, beautiful…
      I used to hate on people who complained about a couple of kilos but now that I am older and wiser, I understand that when you are petite, a couple of kilos is a lot. And weight gain from children is hard. Not only does your body change and you have a human to look after you also have to try and diet as well!
      Do not be nasty to yourself my love! You are a Warrior goddess queen and nothing less! You are not stupid and I do not use the F word… positivity and kind words are the best path to walk. Pave your life with them. Because the more we use the negative paths, the more worn they become, the easier they are to take. So create new paths of self love. These paths are hard to walk at first but every time you walk them they become easier.
      I think every one’s weight is like the tides… in and out… up and down… focus on the healthy and what makes you feel good.
      Eating one’s feelings is a terrible habit that is hard to break… and I don’t think it ever goes away. So, learn to compensate and do not feel guilt when it happens because making yourself feel bad for it will only cause you to circle back to eating your feelings.
      You are amazing. You are talented. You are a goddess. Please treat yourself so…
      All the love and hugs and kisses and warm fuzzies and big cuddles and fairy dust to you my smouldering goddess queen xxx

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      1. Amberley…some tears fell after reading this.
        Unfortunately, I will always be hard on myself. I use the F word the U word freely with myself because I do think those things about myself. I have never thought myself beautiful because I am not. Sometimes I’m not even beautiful on the inside. When I sort myself out and stop fucking things up in my life, stop yo-yo ing with my weight and stop being a fucking moron, I will stop saying those things to myself. I have tried to walk the positive path, really I have but it never works out. I know who and what I am. I’m no one that brings any joy to anyone at the moment, except for my little one. Okay, I write some poems, but even those make me nervous because this whole blog has to be secret and thus every ounce of joy I get out of it is tainted. I have made too many mistakes in every area of my life to feel happy with myself, or confident in my appearance (I will never ever see myself as attractive. Especially my face and now my body)
        You are too much of a good person to be showering this love on me. You are strong and brave and courageous and bright and positive and you are clearly dearly loved for that. You remind me a little of myself last year. But not anymore. I know who I am, I know that really I don’t have much worth and that is clear from a number of things and people.
        Maybe one day I will be kind to myself but not yet and definitely not now. I have no confidence. Only a little in my writing. But even that… I would never allow my little to even get an inkling of how I perceive myself, because my C*** of a mother silent her life putting herself down in front of me and never once calling me pretty or beautiful etc. I won’t do that to my baby. I’ll pretend I love myself and make sure he is constantly showered with so much love that he has to ask me to give it a rest!
        But me…no. at this stage, I’m gone as a person of worth. I thought I had rediscovered some beauty in myself a few months ago but now I know it was illusory. I know I mean nothing to anyone, except my little cheeky.
        It’s okay. I’ve dealt with thisy whole life. I should probably have emailed this to you but I don’t care if my words are seen by your readers. It’s all true but if you feel it’s bringing down the tone of your beautiful bloggy then delete it, I won’t be offended.
        So thank you for showing me such sweetness. Even for taking any of your time to interact with me here, I appreciate it. I feel lucky that you like talking to me.
        Maybe in the distant future I will try to put myself on the path to positivity and love, but not now. Now I I know in my heart and mind that I am overweight, unattractive both facially and personality wise. If that weren’t true, things would be very different in my life. Unfortunately, I am who I am and I am reaping the consequences.
        Sorry for being a bit of a dick, and please know that I hold everything you said close to my heart. I haven’t had a friend like you for a while (well, I think you’re my friend) and when I see you have left me a comment or reply, I feel happy that you are sharing your precious self with me, too.
        You are an inspiration to me and I hope that one day, I can be as amazing as you.
        All the love, AmberFairy.
        P.s I am not checking this for typos so excuse any nonsense 💝


  3. I’m proud of you! I have been going the other way… but I’ll go to the gym again and it will be fine. sigh.
    EDM is the best workout music. You control the pace with the music, and it’s intense. I used to go to a small gym and someone put on classical. I was like… how can you work out to this? I just want to sleep!!!
    The best thing to elliptical or treadmill to is a football game or a Texas Hold Em tournament, something where you get lost in the game and it doesn’t really have many stopping points. Next thing you know… you’ve been running or ellipticaling for 45 minutes without realizing it.

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    1. It is fine to have a break… just don’t give up the fight all together…
      I have a “walkies” playlist where all of the songs have very similar beats… tempo… you know what I mean… then with some slower ones for when I am doing my “weights”
      I don’t know how anyone could work out to classical music… I find the best is to have my phone and ve chatting with someone lmfao… I was chatting with melon the other day while walking tgen I looked at my fitbit and saw I had been walking for 88 minutes 🤣🤣
      I hate poker tournies… I cannot watch them… *sigh*

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      1. Yes! I know how you feel. Time stands still when I’m talking to her. It really does. 🙂 ❤ ❤

        I actually don't listen to music anymore when I'm gymming. It started to interfere with things, and I had a close call with breakage… after that, I left my phone in the locker.

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      2. Like… phone breakage or body breakage?
        I strap my phone to my body to avoid phone breakage…
        Every time I listen to music while working out I think of the captain from Brooklyn 99… “music… is a crutch”

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  4. Dear Lemons, dear Firebearer, dear Melons- everyone struggles! This one went from 206 lbs to 186 and obviously has a way to go. A place called Planet Fitness is one of my keys- 3x a week. I’m also laying off the sugar-goodies, to the chagrin of my favourite donut baker. Ladies, you are all Warrior Queens and examples to your children. Keep charging!!

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