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When you lack self discipline, remember the mystical mantis of awesomeness

Make all of the art

The mantis of awesomeness

You must obey him


29 thoughts on “When you lack self discipline, remember the mystical mantis of awesomeness”

  1. Are you still in bed and did you doodle this while you were in bed? I love it!!!! So cool. I’m so glad you’re having fun because… we just need to have as much of it as possible. This life is wearing but with lovely friends like you… it’s cozy and lovely and dreamy… Love you so much my LemonySugar! So much!

    This made laugh out loud just imagining you trying to write something and I imagined both of us together… cracking up on gifs and quirky forks and things!!! LOL.

    Hugs my lovely! Thank you for you and for sharing your smile and love and everything you are my sweet SugaryLemony goodness!

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    1. Errrr… maybe lmfao
      Some days you need to just stay in bed and write haikus about fictionals giant magical insects and sketch bugs and Photoshop them into the sky… it is just a necessity of life!

      Bahahahaha we are awesome…

      Love you so much MELON!!! Thank you for getting weird with me xxx

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  2. Mantis you are such a beauty,
    Amberfairy thinks you’re cutie…
    What she doesn’t know is this…
    Your fighting spirit is her bliss.

    Yeah…I poemed the living daylights out of you my gorgeous shield maiden



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