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lid tight no air

The battle lines are drawn

words pressed into the shapes of swords

skin pulls, fingers hold tight

I do not tremble


once I may have

but that was not me

that was your sword

your words

trying to break me

I am not that girl anymore

for I have had enough time

enough time to build my own sword

And I will fight


Once I fought for us

the fragile creature of our being that you continuously stomped on

I would pick it up

hold it close

try to mend its wings

I thought it once flew high

But I simply could not see the sky from your shadow

It had always lived inside that jar

Lid tight

no air

But now

now I fly high

Fight from high

upon my beast I ride into this battle

My beast of claws and scales and wings

She breathes fire

Her name is TRUTH

and we will decimate you


44 thoughts on “lid tight no air”

  1. Let’s give this one more try as non of this took the first time I tried to comment.

    This killed me! It is so good and I wanted to climb the highest mountain and soar off into the universe with my sword at my side and my blue wings fluttering against all odds! I love you LemonySugar!

    There is a music video here in case you’re looking at your phone.

    I won’t just survive
    Oh, you will see me thrive
    Can’t write my story
    I’m beyond the archetype
    I won’t just conform
    No matter how you shake my core
    ‘Cause my roots, they run deep, oh

    Oh, ye of so little faith
    Don’t doubt it, don’t doubt it
    Victory is in my veins
    I know it, I know it
    And I will not negotiate
    I’ll fight it, I’ll fight it
    I will transform

    When, when the fire’s at my feet again
    And the vultures all start circling
    They’re whispering, you’re out of time
    But still, I rise
    This is no mistake, no accident
    When you think the final nail is in, think again
    Don’t be surprised, I will still rise

    I must stay conscious
    Through the madness and chaos
    So I call on my angels
    They say

    Oh, ye of so little faith
    Don’t doubt it, don’t doubt it
    Victory is in your veins
    You know it, you know it
    And you will not negotiate
    Just fight it, just fight it
    And be transformed

    ‘Cause when, when the fire’s at my feet again
    And the vultures all start circling
    They’re whispering, you’re out of time
    But still, I rise
    This is no mistake, no accident
    When you think the final nail is in, think again
    Don’t be surprised, I will still rise

    Don’t doubt it, don’t doubt
    Oh, oh, oh, oh
    You know it, you know it
    Still rise
    Just fight it, just fight it
    Don’t be surprised, I will still rise

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    1. Oh. My. Goodness! Melon! That song is perfect!!

      I’m so glad you liked it… I have two weeks till this battle really begins and I need stay strong and have faith…
      Victory… 🖤 Victorious is my favourite word. It has been for a very long time. And now it means so much more…

      I love you melons! 😙😙😙

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    1. I have showed mercy and compassion and forgiven for 17 years… there comes a point in everyone’s life where they must pay the price for their ill deeds.

      I go into battle armed only with truth, dearest friend.

      Now, I will leave mercy to the gods…

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      1. Sounds good…. but aren’t you a Goddess?? 😉

        Get out of that one! 😉

        You can rest assured – no-one ever escapes paying the price of their deeds… at some point in time.

        Lets all hope that when it’s our time all our good deeds have more than paid for the bad ones. 😉

        Fight the Good Fight, Sweetness. 🙂

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      2. I said gods… the deities with male genders… I’m quite clearly female… boom.

        It is probably best just to be good. You can’t be horrible human and then expect to get out of paying your debts because you did some good things.

        I will fight, dearest. Xxx

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      3. You’re right – on both counts. badoomtish! 🙂

        There are some (many? Most??) who expect exactly that!

        I fear they are not going to be happy when they find out what’s coming! 😉

        Life will make sure we all get what we deserve, however we are rarely, if ever, the best judge of what others deserve. Heck it’s hard enough getting what we deserve ourselves right – Right? 😉


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      4. This is so true… that part is not in my hands… all I can do is tell the truth and not stop fighting. I will not be the one to pass judgement.

        That is one thing I have never understood about religion. (Namely Catholicism) I do not believe that you could behave terrible but then just say a few words and all would be forgiven…

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      5. You can’t! They just say that to suck people into their clutches who might not otherwise try to join. (and also in the hope they might get mentioned in a dying person’s last will and testament!)

        You can however be a bad person for most of your life who one day learns a very valuable lesson and ‘sees the light’. St Paul was one such example.

        Saying you repent and getting forgiveness from a priest is not the same thing as receiving the Divine Grace of the Holy Spirit that allows for the soul’s entry to Heaven. God knows what is truly in one’s heart – He knows the believers from the fakers. Those who are faking it will not be ‘making it’. (If you like google Matt 7:21-24)

        Most of the Bible is pretty clear that God is both Loving and Fair, but also really Tough on those who He thinks deserves it! 😉

        The fakers and the disbelievers down here might get ‘short’ term gains (maybe up to 80-100 years in some cases?) – but it’s at the expense of longer term pain. Their choice i guess?

        Does that make more sense? 🙂

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      6. Aaahhh… religion is one of your buttons, dearest… don’t worry. It is one of mine too.

        I was brought up severely catholic. Sunday school and all… so i know the things…

        Yes I do also agree with that. Someone can see the error in their ways. But most never do. They continue cover lies and missdeeds with only more of the same…

        I do not go off the bible… like the church, it is too tainted with human influence.

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      7. I’ll try to keep it to a minimum! 😉

        I agree with you on the Church and to some degree about the Bible, but it’s worth remembering that while it was the Roman Catholic heirarchy that got to choose which books went into the Bible and which didn’t, the books themselves were not written by them and are general and largely coherent examples from which to consider matters of our spiritual nature and it’s connection/relationship with God and Christ. ( If you swing that way!) 😉

        I was never indoctrinated in how to interpret the Bible at any stage and only started reading it and forming my understandings from it in my 30’s. My views are probably not what many religious people would call ‘orthodox’. I don’t attend any church either. 🙂

        Hope your not getting flooded out over there!

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      8. We can talk religion… I have a feeling we may disagree with each other but variety is the spice of life. 😊

        There are too many horrors in the bible for me to take it with anything more than a grain of salt… because you really can’t pick and choose what parts to believe and what not. I just go with my own flow. I don’t need to read a book to know how to human, just like I don’t need to go to church to have a conversation with god.

        But I really don’t care what others read or where they go to get their spiritual fix… it is about their behaviour.

        There us a church near us where the pastor uses church money to go on trips all over the world to hunt rare animals with bows and arrows on horseback…

        I know some highly religious people that are so incredible horrible… abusive and negative and just plain nasty.

        Some of the best, most loving people I know are atheist…

        Flooded out? It has been raining for a few days… 😋

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      9. I have no arguement with anything you’ve said so far about religion – so-called christian hypocrisy really gets my goat! 😉

        I think the most misunderstood and confusing aspect of the whole thing though is that many people just don’t get what the real problem is – it’s the inner struggle inside every single one of us to reconcile our ‘natural’ (of the earth) body’s and our Spiritual natures.

        The two really are at a kind of war with each other and in most cases the strongest and most easily recognised part ends up ‘winning’ – which makes it feel good and wants to remain ‘on top’ and reinforces that what it thinks is right – or at least of foremost importance.

        I could rabbit on for hours on the topic (and will if invited! 😉 ) but there’s more to life than philosophical debate!

        Like Pizza for example 😉

        Send some of that rain our way if you can, we’ve had none for 2 months…. NONE! 😦

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      10. Seriously!? No rain… oh gosh… stuff that… I couldn’t deal with such dryness. Move to Sydney! You’ll love it! (Said no one ever) lol nah it’s better than … some places…

        It is hard to pick which part of us to go with sometimes… because you could argue valid arguements for both. To be more primal, closer to nature, do the things that feel good, be closer to “how we should be” otherwise we are squandering the gifts given to us or do we embrace our big ape brain and behave better, behave in a more ethical way… I’m rambling… but you know what I mean… I have just hit a wall of tired ness…

        Oh man … pizza! I miss pizza!!! Let’s not talk about pizza 😢 lol

        Oh! I saw these gorgeous Phalies yesterday and I was going to take a photo for you… then I didn’t… cause I was parenting lol

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      11. 😀 I forgive you!… it’s enough for me that you noticed and enjoyed them… and remembered! 😉

        Parenting comes first!

        As for Sydney, i’ve been there on a few occasions. it was almost always way to humid for me – i’ve become accustomed to Perth’s gorgeous weather. But if it rained a LITTLE more i could cope with that! 😉 It’s a pleasant enough place with some nice highlights – but nahhh.

        Yes I know what you mean – all too well! 😉 and i could pick up that thread and run for miles with it… but it’s probably best saved for later. Large as our brains are they can easily become overwhelmed from too much input and rebel. No-one wants a rebellious brain now – do they? 🙂


  2. Your ferocity rules! There is no point in anyone giving in to a callous tyrant. This is why I am drawn to your energy, because you take no b.s. from such a “high and mighty” fool. That song shows how Katie Perry has grown.

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      1. My parents raised us three sons to be absolutely kind and considerate towards women and girls, and towards people in general. My late wife and I raised our son to be a gentleman. Brutish behaviour would never go, in my family. I think that a lot of rough stuff gets passed along from one generation to the next.

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      2. It really does… and it is hard to “unlearn” … this is something my eldest worries about. He worries that he will turn out like his father… just the fact that he worrues about it is enough to prove that he will not also he is a gentle soul…
        I thank you for raising your son this way. I am sorry about your wife… 😔🖤

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      3. It is likely that your eldest son will take the steps necessary to be a different soul from his father. He has your example of how a person ought to treat others. My parents told my sister to look at how a prospective mate treats his mother, before getting serious. She married an exemplary man and they have four wonderful children, and forty years of marriage, to show for it.

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      4. He used to worship the ground his mother walked on… so unfortunately, it is not a foolproof method.
        I wish it were so simple… and I worry about myself in the future that I will fall into the same trap… if it is in my cards to meet another man at all.
        Yes, I tell my boys they will be fine because they are nothing like their father.

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