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Rando post *or* past lives literal

This week I had a strange discussion with a dear friend
I have a… mild obsession with all things fae. Which also includes Gaelic things … Celtic… things… (for a writer I am not feeling very articulate this morning… I’ll blame the lack of coffee)

I have had a strange connection to and this pull to “go back home” as I used to say when I was very little and by home I meant Ireland and Scotland … I have never been and even now that I am grown and I do not remember this “home” I once spoke of, I still feel this pull…

My friend called me a Morrigan before I had told him this story. It sparked something in my mind. A memory of a fav painting I have not oggled in a very long time.

“Morgan Le Fay” was my fav painting by Brian Froud. Something about her, the raven on her shoulder…

The moment was like a bow being tied around a part of my life. Ribbons that once floated, loose ends, now connected.

I have been crazy about fae since forever. Brian Froud is one of my fav artists. I don’t know where I am going with this post… I guess I just wanted an excuse to post the picture…


43 thoughts on “Rando post *or* past lives literal”

  1. It’s beautiful! Breathe sigh! Beautiful picture. You will see your beautiful fairies in Ireland one day! You will get to go back aye my love!

    OMG! I just found this unsent comment! Hugs! Here it goes!

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  2. I want to go… It’s always been in my top five, even first at times. Just seems like an ancient yet accessible culture, which has many appeals and fascinations for me. I even learned some of the language.
    Conas ata tu?

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  3. You’ll go one day AmberFairy, which I cannot believe I called you without knowing this love and connection you have with the mystical fae. Maybe your fairy dust particles reached across space time and touched my heart. Yes, definitely. 💖

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