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She carrys revenge on her shoulders

Heavy as a winter’s cloak

Broad sword hangs by her side

Her only friend

Breath like blood and smoke

Silence is her voice

Eyes as bright and big as summer sunflowers

Watching her enemies

Her touch as soft as fur

Or as sharp and cold as her steel friend

She moves with slow purpose

Karma’s hand

Always watching

Waiting for the perfect moment to…

This is a poem I wrote for/about one of my characters… is that weird?

Anyway… I found it in a notebook and thought I’d post it now while my brain is still mushy.

I’m on the mend. I just have to get back into the swing of things now xxx hugs to you all


51 thoughts on “Victorious”

  1. You must know you’re brilliant my lovely! This was brilliant! You are a creator of worlds… lives… quite normal for me. Your characters are real. I talk to mine all the time… argue with them… especially when they don’t listen to me!

    This was pretty great and you are amazing… you go lovely! 😍😘

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      1. Holy fuck!!! Are you serious!?
        That is sooo rough. I am so sorry to hear this, hunny. Being cheated on is one of the worst things.
        It depends on you. It depends if you have kids. It depends on a lot of things… goodness me… I am so sorry…
        Back in my past life, I took my X back 6 times before I just gave up on the idea of monogamy… each time he said he would never do it again and it meant nothing but it was all lies.
        But that is just my story…
        Gosh I am sorry…


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