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Breakfast smoothie

In my search for myself, I am also trying to get back to my healthy former self. Not just healthy mentally and emotionally but physically.

My physical health really took a dive about 6 years ago. I’d had three miscarriage (thank you, uterus.) In a row and basically the rest of my life went really down hill from there.

That is the thing, when our mental and emotional health is not awesome, our physical health often falls too. Our bodies mirror our mind, in a way.

So… not only will I make art from my life lemons… I will also make breakfast smoothies.

A lot of you already know my chosen exercise routine… (pace my hallway like a mental patient.) Because I do not have the money for a gym or treadmill. Nor do I have the opportunity to “go” for a walk without my children… and that, as all parents know, is not the therapeutic exercise experience our bodies need.

So, I have my FitBit and I pace the hall, listening to my “walkies” playlist.

Then there is food.

Food and I … don’t get along. There is not much I can eat without getting sick. I had ricotta ravioli on monday and a week later I am still paying dearly for it… most seed, nuts, fruits and vegetables will result in IV antibiotics and a stay in hospital… so I have to monitor my calories like crazy. Because, what food I can eat, is super calorie dense.

Today I made myself a smoothie. Time will tell if it is too sugary for me but for now I feel super full, I don’t feel guilty, and the macros seemed good too.

Breaky smoothie recipe

  • 1 banana
  • 1/2 cup of frozen mango
  • Teaspoon of honey (I used manuca but you can you use whatever the fuck you want)
  • 2 teaspoons of peanut butter (full fat full salt… none of this namby pamby peanut butter)
  • Lactose free skim milk (use whatever milk you wish… I got the feeling that coconut milk would be thw fucking tits in this…)
  • Add other shit for those of you who can eat like normal peeps. Blueberries and things of the like would be nice…


18 thoughts on “Breakfast smoothie”

  1. Sounds good. The part about you getting back to center, I mean. I’m glad, LemonSugar. It’s great.
    The smoothie sounds good too. Now I want a smoothie. Hmmm…. Bananas strawberries, yogurt, juice… I got the things!

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  2. I’m not sure if you can tolerate it or not but I always put kale in my smoothies. If you have enough fruit, you won’t even notice it. Supposedly, kale is good for you and that’s just about the only way I can stomach the stuff. I use chia seeds too but those would probably kill you.

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  3. You’re amazing my lovely! I’m so proud of you and so in awe of your courage and love… passion for life! You’re such a powerhouse woman! I mean you truly are inspirational!

    Hugs my lovely LemonySugar!

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