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A letter to my teenage self

I have seen a lot of this online at the moment, so I though I would do my own take on it. Kisses my lovely peeps. Plus this took me a few days to write, in dribs and drabs… cause… flu sucks balls.

Dear teenage self,

I would tell you to smile more. Enjoy the things around you.

I would tell you to eat more. It is okay. You are not fat. If you eat a sandwich it will not break the scales. Or maybe not a sandwich but at least more than a diet coke.

I would tell you to not be mean to the mean girls. They are just as insecure as you.

I would tell you to listen more in class. Don’t write letters to that boy just listen to the teacher at the front, what they are saying is interesting. trust me.

I would tell you to read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Just because your teacher said it was a good book doesn’t make it lame. It is your favourite book now so read it.

I would tell you to kiss that boy. You know the one I mean. You will never get another chance so just do it.

I would tell you to enjoy the gym more. I know you already do. But I just want you to know that it is actually way more important than you think. It is a way for your mum to bond with you. It is important to her too.

I would tell you to put down the knife. It doesn’t help you. Scars hang around longer than you think.

I would tell you to not date the boy EVERYONE told you not to date. Yes. Bad boy-ness is kinda sexy. But in the same way a tiger is cute and cuddly. Bad boys often turn into bad men. And that is a whole other letter.

I would tell you to keep writing in that journal. But write only your words. I know song lyrics are cool but your own words are cool too.

I would tell you so many things … But actually … If given the chance … I would just give you a hug. And let you go on your way. Because I regret nothing. I am here today because of the path I chose. So, Amberley, hunny… You do you. You got this. Never give up.


52 thoughts on “A letter to my teenage self”

  1. Super awesome note to yourself… But I’m always of two minds about this. I also want to go back and do different things… But I wonder if I would be different too.
    It may be that I had to do all that I did to get here.

    I had a dream slash daydream slash idea once, that our lives save at spots. When we die, we can go back to other save points and make a different choice. See what happens from there. And that’s what we do the rest of our existence. Explore all the possibilities of our lives.

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    1. That is a super cool idea!! I love this! Not really reincarnation but still going back… you need to expand this idea.
      Yes. I have seen/heard so many of these… but as you know, I’m not into regrets. Unless you have veen a super shitty person and your life has had zero benefits to yourself or others… regret is useless. And turning back the clock to do something different is not something I would ever choose to do because I like what I have and we have no guarantees that anything will improve.

      Hugs, muffins. I love you all the love. Thank you for coming by xxx

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      1. Such a life would be eternal, there would be no end to it… The possibilities would be endless… Even if technology would make such a thing possible our minds would not be able to handle such large amounts of data. An eternal life is scary… Even if it offers endless possibilities…. I am just gonna sit here and DREAM of it but at the same time wish my dream never comes true

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      2. Reincarnation and eternal life both point to something like this. And the possibilities are endless, but most of them have trivial differences. Major decision points would be good, at first

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      3. The differences depend on perspective, but yeah… More or less they are trivial… What if your save spot is a major decision point and when you come back to the save spot after death you create a whole new bunch of save points… Will eternity be long enough to live the perpetual cycle of creating new save points….? How would we change as an individual living a life like that…? Would we change? Or will we just be used to changing…. That further change in personality goes unnoticed…

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      4. We would change. I think at first we’d revisit the most recent decision points, because they would have the least effect. Later, we might go to a major one and take a different path… Changing ourselves. But upon death, we become our default, and choose the next experience.

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      5. I love this conversation…
        I think after a while we would start to forget certain parts… or maybe we wouldn’t remember until we have completed everything again. So, we would pick the save point and re enter life, continuing on as if we hadn’t already been there… maybe this is what dejavu is… and some dreams… the realities we have lived in before… oh man… I think I am too sick for such heavy thinking


  2. My beautiful friend, my sister! My delicious LemonySugarPlum! I am grateful to the universe for being able to read your wonderful words. You tug at me with this tender prose. I love the way you address yourself but my absolute favorite part is the last few lines. I agree with you… I regret nothing. It would mean I would regret the person that I am now, this moment. I wouldn’t change a thing. I couldn’t… my life is full of love and friendship. Wouldn’t want to live without that.

    Love you always my sweet! I adore you so much and my heart is open to yours always! All my love… my friendship… hugs my love!!!

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  3. I am ecstatic that you didn’t give up. I once stood between a teen and her knife, and would not relent. She said it was HER body, so why the big deal? I said, because it’s the only body you will ever have, which makes it the biggest deal there is. Your presence here, is why I am still working with teens- especially with girls, so long as there is a premium put on angst, by our cannibalistic society.

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    1. *real talk* The knife is a hard one to let go of actually. It becomes a crutch and you begin to rely on it to help you deal with emotional pain. Getting young teens away from it early is a great thing. It is like the eating disorder stuff. It is something you can “control” when you feel out of control if your life. A way to punish yourself. A way to feel something other than heartache.

      You are doing good work. Teenagers are our future. And it is auch a delicate age… I know this isn’t what you meant but, don’t forget the boys. The suicide rate of boys and men way exceeds that of women. Plus the men with anger and violence issues which I swear stems from issues in adolescent years…
      Thank you for your comment, darl. Keep doing good work xxx all the hugs

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